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                    *HAYES' POV*

Omg Zoe was just wow at first I thought I wouldn't have had a chance but when Raevyn said I was her favorite it changed things, besides I know Nash wouldn't, mind hanging out with them longer I know he has a thing for Raevyn. "So do y'all have anything planned for tonight?" Nash asks them. "Umm I don't think so we just got here so we haven't done much" Raevyn says. "Well we are about to change that, get your swimsuits on and bring an extra set of clothes well be getting ready we'll be back to get y'all in about 10 minutes" Nash says as he signals for me to get up and leave with him.

                     *ZOE'S POV*

     "Omg did that just happen?" I ask Raevyn who is sitting there trying to process this as well as I am. "Yea well we better go and get dressed we only have 10 minutes!" Raevyn says getting up and digging in her suitcase. I decided to wear a blue bikini that I made my self that has hayes written in the front on the bottoms.Raevyn decided on wearing a matching bikini but instead of saying Hayes it says Nashty. We both put on Jean shorts and a magcon shirt. I picked up my phone and put it in my pocket. Just as we finished there was a knock on the door. "Ready ladies?" Hayes asks with a cheeky smile creeping on his face. The things this boy does to me that drive me CRAZY!!

                    *NASH'S POV*

    We went and picked up Raevyn and Zoe and can I just say they looked beautiful. We were going to the beach and then out to Starbucks then an arcade. Since the beach was right next to the hotel we just decided to walk there. I run up to Raevyn and interlock our hands they fit just perfect in mine. I could see her cheeks starting to get red. She gets her free hand and trays to cover her cheeks up. "Why cover up your cheeks? you look cute when you blush" I say to her. She takes her hand away from her face and then I hear Hayes and Zoe yell at the same time "Awwwwwwwww!!!" I hear Raevyn laugh. Gosh her laugh is just so contagious.

                     *HAYES POV*

       When we arrived at the beach the sun was just setting. The girls took off their shirts and shorts, revealing their matching bikinis. I start to smile. "What's with the smirk dude?" Nash asks coming up from behind me. "Look at their bikini bottoms they say our names on them" I say to nash as the girls start walking toward us. Gosh I know I just met Zoe but she's perfect. Now I know what the term love at first sight means.

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