Chapter 30

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                 *Hayes' POV*

        "I'm so fucking stupid" I yell punching the wall. Repeatedly. I kept on punching until my knuckles all scraped up and bloody. I fall to the floor hitting myself. I look around the room. I pick up the first thing I laid my eyes on. Which so happens to be a knife. "This us for being fucking selfish!" I yell making a huge gash in my arm. "This is for not choosing her!". "This is for cheating on her!". I kept cutting arms until someone walks in but by then my eyes begin to roll back in my head and my body goes limp.

                   *Nash's POV*

        "Okay Cam I'll catch ya later" I say before walking into me and Hayes' hotel room. "Hayes I got you some burgers". Nothing. "Hayes?" I ask opening the door to see him passed out in the floor covered in blood. "Hayes!!" I yell running over to his unconscious body. I pull out my phone and call 911. "My brother is bleeding to death please send someone out quick we are at the hotel by olive garden!" I yell tears falling down my face. Next person I call is Can. "CAM GET OVER HEAR NOW ITS HAYES". Within 5 seconds he busts through the door. "What the hell happened?" "I don't know I found him like this". " I called the cops they should be sending someone" I cry out. "He doesn't have time" Cam says picking him up and dashing through the door. We run a few blocks to the hospital. "EXCUSE ME MY BROTHER IS DYING CAN WE PLEASE GET HIM IN A ROOM" I yell. A few doctors come in and take him from Cam. "No visitors right now" the nurse says stepping in front of me. "No he's my brother j have to stay with him" "I'm sorry sir but no visitors". I go and sit down. I start balling. I feel someone touch my back. I look up to see Cam. " What if he doesn't make it? What if he doesn't remember like Raevyn did?" I ask him. "Nash calm down..." "No don't tell me to calm down my little brother is dying" I tell him. "Nash just hope for the best that's all we can do" he says. We both have red puffy eyes and swollen faces. "Oh my gosh" "What?" Cam asks. "I have to tell Zoe"

                     *Zoe's POV"

          "It's ok" Arielle says trying to comfort me. I was gonna say something when my phone went off. "Hello?" "Zoe I have something to tell you....." What sounds like Nash's voice. "Nash what's wrong?" "Hayes is in the hospital he's not doing so good right now". My mouth drops open and tears start falling. " What happened?" I ask in between breathes. "I don't know exactly" he trails off. "I'm catching the first flight to Oklahoma" I say hanging up. "Raevyn we have to leave and go to Oklahoma now" I say grabbing my bag full of clothes. "What? Why?" She asks worried. "Hayes is in the hospital and isn't doing good I wanna go see him I have to" I say my voice cracking. "Oh umm ok" she says grabbing her keys. "We'll be back" she says to the girls before pulling out of the driveway rushing to the airport.


To be continued.......

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