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                   *RAEVYNS POV*

  I woke up and looked over at the clock it was 8:00 a.m. way too early for me but then I remembered we have magcon today. I look over at Nash who is peacefully sleeping. I thought of a good way to wake him up. I turned over and planted my lips on his. A few seconds later I felt him start to kiss back. I pull away as soon as he starts to kiss back. "Uggh your such a tease" he says laughing. "We have magcon today we should be getting ready" I say. I was fixing to get out of bed when Nash pulls me back over to him. my face is just inches from his. He leans down and kisses me again. After that we both get out of bed and walk out of the room. Surprised to see Zoe and Hayes already up.

                     *NASH'S POV*

  My phone starts to go off in my pocket. "Hello"

"Nash it's Bart, Magcon is gonna be canceled today due to the heavy thunder and rainstorms."

"Oh ok Well thanks for telling us bye"

"Guys that was Bart he said magcon is cancelled today" I say to everyone. "Well we can have a lazy movie day if you want" Raevyn asks."Yea just let me and Hayes run over to our room real quick to get changed" I say as me and Hayes walk out of the room making our way to ours.

                      *ZOE'S POV*

  I looked down to see I'm still wearing Hayes hoodie. I decided to just keep it on and just change my pants into pj shorts. Raevyn didn't change at all. "So you and Hayes" Raevyn says with a smile. "You and Nash" I say back. We just sat there and talked until I heard a knock on the door. I opened it surprised to find Jake Raevyn's ex. "Hi Zoe where's Raevyn?" he asks and he seems angry. "Why?" "You are her ex for a reason!" I say trying to shut the door but he put his foot in the way. "You shouldn't have said that!" he says as he pushes open the door and slaps me in the face and pushes me over. "Zoe what was th...." Raevyn said before seeing Jake. "There you are!" Jake yells after Raevyn. "Raevyn go hide in our room and lock the door" I say as Raevyn runs to the room and tries to shut the door but Jake over powered her.

                      *NASH'S POV*

  We were walking down the hall back to the girls room when I hear "....Raevyn run into our room and lock the door" Zoe yells. I look over at Hayes and tell him to start running. We got to their room and the door was open and Zoe was lying in the door way with a hand print on her face. "What happened?" I ask Zoe. "Go and help Raevyn I'm ok" she says pointing toward there room door. I nod and run into their bedroom and see Jake on top of Raevyn. "Get your hands off of her"! I yell pulling Jake off of her. "We''ll get it from her Nash" the hotel security says taking jake out of the room. I look at Raevyn and she has a busted lip.

                     *HAYES' POV*

  When we got to their room Nash asks Zoe what happened, and Zoe just said go help Raevyn. "Did Jake do this to you?"I ask her on the verge of crying. "Yea but I'm ok" she says even though I knew she was hurting. I picked her up bridal style and put her on the couch. I sat down and pulled her on my lap just hugged her and tears escaped my eyes. "Why are you crying?" she asked wiping the tears away from my face. "Because I have failed to protect you" I say looking her in eyes. She brings ny face to hers and crashes her lips against mine. I was surprised at first but started to kiss back after a few seconds. "You have never failed me, you have saved my life a bunch of times ok!?" she says giving me a big hug. "Why don't we watch a movie?" I ask her getting up and putting in Rise Of The Guardians.

                     *RAEVYN'S POV*

  "Are you ok?" Nash asks crying. "I'm fine now that you are here" I say wrapping my arms around him. He picks me up and lays me on the bed. He lays next to me and I cuddle into his chest. "Nash?"  "Yes" he replys looking down at me. "Could you.....nevermind it's stupid" I say."What is it?" he says bringing my face closer to his. "I love you" I say as I feel a pair of lips on mine. "I love you to the moon and back" he replys as I snuggle closer to him, falling asleep in the arms of the one whom I love very much.

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