Chapter 2

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                                                                              *ZOE'S POV*

     "Zoe waakkee up!" Raevyn says shaking me. I stand up and start to walk off the plane. We finally find our luggage after about 20 minutes the Airport was crowded. We put our suitcases in the taxi and hop in. We arrive at the hotel about 10 minutes later. Me and Raevyn hopped out of the taxi,grabbed our stuff and headed up to our room. It was kinda hard because me and Raevyn each had a purse and 2 suitcases to carry. Raevyn was fixing to drop her stuff when a boy caught her suitcase. "Do you ladies need help with these or nahh?" I look up to see Nash grier. Raevyn was frozen in place in awe it was actually him. "...uh yes if you want to." I say. "Ok Hayes come over here and help me with these ladies stuff!!" Nash yells as Hayes starts to walk over here. THE HAYES GRIER IS WALKING OVER HERE TO ME! This has happened in like everyone of my dreams. He takes my other suitcase out from my hand. "So where's y'alls room?" Nash asks looking over at me. "Oh f-f-follow m-me" I say as I start to walk to the elevator. We all get in and Nash asks "What floor?" "5th" I reply trying not to embarrass myself. "So are y'all here for magcon? Nash asks looking over at Raevyn and me. "Yea Raevyn bought me tickets today for my birthday" I reply with a cheeky smile. "Well Happy Birthday!" Hayes says smiling at me. "So do y'all have a favorite guy?" Nash asks looking over at Raevyn.She gives me the death stare as is she's saying you better not but it was a little late. "Well Raevyn's favorite is you" I say while laughing. "Well Zoe's favorite is Hayes!" She yells looking over at me and smiling. I should've seen that one coming. They look at us and laugh historically. Uggh great I just met my idols and I have already embarrassed myself.

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