Chapter 19

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                   *RAEVYN'S POV*

      I woke up tied to a bed in only a bra and underwear. I hear a laugh and someone walks toward me. "You see Raevyn When you steal someone's man there's consequences" she says slapping me across the face. "What do you mean?" I ask as I cry in pain. "Don't play innocent with me you took Nash away from me and now you will pay!" she says as someone walks up from behind her. Its Jake. My ex-boyfriend. "Heyy baby" he says grabbing my chest. "I'm not yours!" I yell spitting in his face. He kicks me in the stomach and face. I scream in pain and seeing my blood on the ground. "She's all yours" she says walking away. "Wait since I won't be leaving can I just call Nash and say goodbye?" I ask. She nods her head and takes out a prepaid phone. It rings until I hear his sweet voice. "Nash" "Raevyn where are you??" "Nash just listen don't worry where I am I love you very much with all my heart don't ever forget that" She looks at me her face full of anger "don't say you love him he's mine!" she yells kicking me in the side. I let out a scream and cry harder. Wait Zoe do they have her to?

                      *NASH'S POV*

        I was getting worried Raevyn wasn't answering my calls or texts neither is Zoe. I get a call and answer it quickly. "Nash" Raevyn says. "Raevyn where are you??" I ask "Nash just listen don't worry where I am I love you very much with all of my heart don't ever forget that" she says. I was about to respond when someone yelled" Don't say you love him he's mine!" I then hear a loud scream from Raevyn. "No stop please stop I yell into the phone but it went dead. I put my head in my hands and cried. I picked up my phone and went to her grandmas house. I knock on the door and she answers. "Raevyn and possibly Zoe have been kidnapped I just got a call from a number maybe the police can trace it yo see where the call was made" I say. She nods and she drives us to the police station. "Hi my girlfriend and her sister have been kidnapped I got a call from this number can you trace it to see where the call was made?" I ask handing them my phone. Thankfully they were able to find out where the call was made.They sent police after them. Me and her grandma got back in her car and drove behind the police. We arrived at an abandoned building. Police kicked the door down and ran inside. A few minutes later Zoe and Raevyn were pushed in a stretcher out of the building I run up to Raevyn put my hand on her unconscious cheek. "Can I ride in the back with her?" I ask her grandma who nodded yes.I got in the back and we rushed to the hospital. When we got in the hospital I had to go sit in the waiting room so they can run some tests on her. I looked and saw Hayes, Will , Zoe and Raevyn's grandma. I hugged Zoe. "Are you alright?" I ask looking at her. "Yea I'm alright just a black eye and some bruises" she says sitting back down. I sit down and put my head in my hands praying that Raevyn will wake up Soon. The doctor comes in the waiting room. "Family of Raevyn" he says looking around the room. We all get up and walk over to him. "Well she appears to be in a coma she won't lose any memories or anything like that but the bad news is we don't know when she will wake up I'm sorry" he says walking away. I get on my knees and pray to God that Raevyn will be ok.

                    ~2 weeks later~

                   ~still Nashs pov~

       Its been two weeks and Raevyn still hasn't woken up. I haven't left except to take a shower and go to the bathroom. Its currently 9:00pm on this miserable Sunday. Raevyns family just left, leaving me and her alone. I put my head in my hands and cry. Why did I leave her? Now she's in the hospital. The love of my life. I grab her hand in mine. "Hey Rae please wake up! I miss seeing your smile and being able to kiss you whenever I want.... I love you to the moon and back always and forever Please wake up" I say leaning my head down. I cried and cried until I heard a voice. "I love you more". I look up to see her beautiful green eyes look into mine. I smile and get up to hug Her. "I'm glad your ok" I say as a smile sweeps across her face. A doctor comes in a few minutes later with a clipboard. "Well your awake congratulations! you are free to leave but no doing anything for the next two or three days" He says walking out of the room. Raevyn calls her Grandma and tells her all the good/bad news. "Hey Can I stay at your house tonight? my Grandma is at work and can't leave" she asks. I nod a yes and we walk to my truck. When we got to my house I went up to my room and grabbed her some of basketball shorts and a t-shirt. She takes a shower while I take my shirt off and put some shorts on. I look to see Raevyn standing in doorway.

                  *RAEVYN'S POV*

      I was about to walk in to Nash's room when I saw he was just in shorts. He turns around and noticed me in the doorway. I walk up to him and hug his bare torso. I missed him so much."I pull away and look him in the eyes. "I thought I was never gonna see you again" I say as tears fall from my eyes. He pulls my face to his and our lips meet. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss back. He picked me up and me down on his bed without breaking the kiss. He swipes his tongue on my bottom lip asking for entrance. I accepted. We kissed until we both pulled away out of breath. "I love you more than you will ever know" he says. "I love you too" I say cuddling into his bare chest. He pulls the blanket over us and kisses my forehead. "Goodnight beautiful" he says wrapping his arms around me pulling me closer to him. "Goodnight" I reply falling asleep in his arms.

                       *ZOE'S POV*

            I'm at Jordyns house when I get a call from my Grandma."Hey Zoe Raevyns awake and is at Nash's house if you want to go visit her tomorrow" a smile formed on my face. "Really? I'll go see her first thing tomorrow morning love you grandma" I say before hanging up. I look over to see Jordyn looking out the window. "Did you invite anyone over?" she asks me confused. "No why?" I ask before I hear a knock on the door. We were alone in the house so we had to go downstairs and answer the door. I open it to find Hayes and Carter standing there. "What are you doing here?" I ask no one in particular. "Well we wanted to see if y'all wanted to Go to a party" Hayes says smiling. I look over at Jordyn who is shaking her head up and down. "Fine we'll be right back" I say shutting the door and running upstairs. I put on some Jordyns shorts and a tank top. Jordyn quickly gets ready and we walk down together. The boys, me and Jordyn walked to the party. I was walking  around when someone pushes me up against a wall. "James get off of me" I yell seeing him smile. "Come on babe we can go upstairs and have some fun" he says grabbing my butt. "No I'm only 13 now get off of me" I say trying to push him off."You should let her go James" Hayes says pushing him off of me. I grab Jordyn and tell her we need to go back to her house now. We walked back to house with Hayes. Within a few minutes we were back at Jordyns house. I turn around and give Hayes a hug. "Thanks for tonight" I say letting go of him. "Your welcome well gonna get back to the party y'all be safe I don't want you taken again" he says walking away. I walk up to Jordyns room and collapse on the bed falling asleep.


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