Chapter 15

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                    *HAYES' POV*

        I woke up and checked my messages. I see a text from an unknown number. It said "Ok blue eyes" I was assuming it was the girl from yesterday. I text her back, "Ok meet me at Starbucks in 30 minutes". I put on a shirt with a tye dye hoodie matched with kackis shorts. I slip on my vans and head out the door.

                     *ZOE'S POV*

      I look down at my phone to see a text from Hayes. "Ok meet me at Starbucks in 30 minutes". I quickly put on my galaxy Starbucks hoodie and blue Jean shorts with my vans. I walk out of the room and head to Starbucks. I walk in and see Hayes sitting in the corner. I walk over to him and sit on the other side of the booth. "Hey" I say looking into his ocean blue eyes. "Hey um want something to drink?" he asks smiling. "Oh I didn't bring any money" I say. "I'll buy you a drink it's the least I could do after I ran into you yesterday." he replys. "OK just um get me whatever your getting" I say as he nods and walks up to the front to order our drinks. I went on my phone while waiting for Hayes. I feel a tap on my hand and look up to see Hayes is back with our drinks. He hands me mine and sits back down. "Wanna play questions? to get to know each other better" I nod and he asks the first question "What's your name?" "Zoe" I say thinking of a question to ask him. "What do you do when your not having tons of girls scream over you?" I ask looking him in the eyes."Either playing sports or hanging out with friends" he says. "Where are you from?" he asks. "Nash, Texas" I reply as he laughs. "Ok what's your favorite food?" he asks. "Macaroni and cheese pizza" I say as he looked confused. "What you have never had Macaroni and cheese pizza before?" he nods his head no.I put my hand over my heart pretending to be hurt. He just laughs at me. I check the time on my phone and see its already 1:30 and I have to be back by 2:00. I put my pho e done and started talking to Hayes again when my phone went off. I checked it to see a message from my ex James. "Heyy you ugly slut I just wanted to tell you I moved on from you and that I never really loved you you were just a game to me" I put my hand over my mouth. I felt tears coming down my face. I didn't want Hayes to see me like this so I ran off. I stop behind a building to catch my breath when I got another text but this time it was from Hayes. "Heyy where did you go? why are you upset? Is it something I said!" I text back. "No im fine you can go ahead and go back to your room" "I'm supposed to walk you home fro mmmm a date not just leave you just tell me where you are" wait this was a date!? I couldn't help but smile. "I'm behind the restaurant right by Starbucks" I text back. A few minutes later Hayes walks around the corner. He walks up to me and hugs me. "Now are you going to tell me why you crying and then ran off?" he asks worried. I guess he thought it was his fault. I show him the text and his fists clench up. "I ran off because I didn't want you to see me cry" I say looking down. He puts his hand under my chin and raises my head up. Suddenly his lips were on mine. We kissed for a minute or two until I pulled away for air. "I'm sorry.."he says before I kissed him again. He smiled into the kiss and so did I. He grabbed my hand and we walked back to our hotel rooms. When I got back I saw that Raevyn had everythingpacked up even my stuff. "Thanks" I say grabbing my suitcase and walking out the door. While we were waiting for a taxi I called Hayes. "Heyy I'm fixing to leave come down to the lobby so I can say goodbye."I say say hanging up. Soon enough I see Hayes and embrace him in a hug. "Why are you leaving?" Hayes asks with tears in his eyes. "The plan was to stay here for digifest and then go to my Grandmas for the rest of the summer." I say wiping his tears away. "Well I'm going to miss you even tho I have only known you for a day" he says giving me a kiss on the cheek. I pull his face to mine and kiss him like no one is watching. He kisses back until Raevyn says We have to go. "See you later" I say walking away.

       *sorry for the short chapter *

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