Chapter 17

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                       *ZOE'S POV*

        I woke up and stare at my ceiling. For the first time in a while I had a good night's sleep. I sit up to see Raevyn's bed empty. I unlock my phone and see a text from Raevyn. "Heyy Zoe it's Nash Hayes' older brother well Raevyn fell asleep at my house so don't freak out when Raevyn's not in her bed when you wake up" I read it then smile. Her and Nash would be cute together. I walk downstairs and eat some strawberries. I decided on going to the lake with my other best friend I consider part of the family too Jordyn. I put on a bikini and a tank top with shorts to cover it up. I walk to her house. We walked to the beach laying down our towels and tanning. "So you and Hayes?" Jordyn says wiggling her eyebrows. "No he's going out with Mrs.Perfect Jordan Collins" I say rolling my eyes. "OMG are you serious y'all looked cute at Digifest." Jordyn says rubbing my back. "Heyy I gotta tell you something..." I say not sure if I should tell her or not. "Well I had this dream about Hayes before I went to Digifest and I can't stop thinking about felt so real" I say looking at her. "I don't think it's a good idea to hang....." Jordyn was gonna finish when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see Hayes and the other Jordan. "Hey It's like we follow each other everywhere" Hayes says. I shake my head at him and walk off motioning for Jordyn  to get our stuff. "Hey what's wrong?" Hayes says turning me around. "I liked wait no I loved you I mean actually loved you and I thought that the date we had back in Cali meant something but I guess that it doesn't matter because your with Jordan and I would have thought you would be an amazing guy but no your just a douche caught up in fame!!" I say. I look in his eyes and for the first time I didn't see the Hayes that made me laugh and who kissed me all I saw was a guy caught up in fame. Me and Jordyn walked to her house. I collapsed on the floor nd started crying. "Heyy Zoe Its ok he's not worth your tears he doesn't deserve you" she says rubbing my back. "But Jordyn I can't go through something like this again I mean James was sweet and then got popular and became a jerk and Hayes is the same why does this happen to me?" I ask looking at her. "I don't know But I'm here for you always and don't think for a second that I will leave you" she says as I hug Her. "So it's only like 3:00pm so what do you want to do?" Jordyn asks me. "Um we can go to chipotle for an early dinner" I say as she nods her head rapidly. I take a shower and put on some of Jordyns tye die shorts with a zombie shirt and her hoodie. I put on my vans and wait for Jordyn to get ready. When she's was done we walked downstairs and saying goodbye to her mom before we walk out the door. We walked to Chipotle and Hayes slowly slipped out of my head.

                     *HAYES' POV*

       She told me she loved me and I just stood there like an idiot. She walked away with tears falling from her eyes. It hurt me that she was crying but it hurt more knowing I was the cause of it. "What was that about?" Jordan asks. "Zoe" I respond looking over at the water. "Jordan I have feelings for her still so I think it's best if we break up" I say as she stomps her foot. "Whatever I was cheating on you with James anyway!" she yells walking away. I didn't care that she cheated,all I cared about was Zoe and how stupid I was to ditch her for Jordan. I don't even know who I am anymore. I walk back to my house with my head down. I walk up the stairs and lay on my bed. I hear a knock on my door."Hey Hayes I want you to meet someone" Nash says bringing Raevyn into the room. "I know Raevyn" I say getting up and giving her a hug. She smiles and hugs back. "Oh well are you ok?" Nash asks. I nod a yes and then lay back down I fall asleep with only one thought on my mind.I lost the love of my life.


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