Chapter 16

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                     *ZOE'S POV*

         When we got on the plane I put my earphones in and listen to music. My phone lights up a few minutes later saying I have a text from Hayes. I open it and it says "Heyy I hope you get to your grandmas safely!" I smile and reply "I will and thanks". He text back asking "Where does your grandma live?" "North Carolina" "Really that's where I live! maybe y'all live close...." "Maybe! I gotta go We are fixing to land" and with that I turn off my phone and put it in my pocket.

  *skips getting to her grandma's house*

   "Heyy grandma it's so good to see you again" I say hugging her tightly. "Is to you as well" she replys. Me and Raevyn walk up to the room that we share. I sat my stuff in my side of the closet and lay down on the bed. I guess I fell asleep because I looked up at the clock at it read 6:00pm. I get up and walk downstairs to see dinner sitting on the table. "Zoe your just in time I was fixing to go wake you." she says as I sit down. My grandpa and Raevyn entered the room and sat down. We said Grace then ate after we were done eating I put my plate in the sink and go back upstairs. I go on Netflix and watch My Babysitter's A Vampire. I fall asleep thinking of Hayes. I wake up the next morning at 1:00pm. I dress in some running shorts and an old t-shirt."Hey grandma I'm going for a run!!" I say walking out the door. I jog around the block until I run into someone. "I'm so sor" I was fixing to finish when I looked up and my eyes met with his blue eyes. He immediately gives me a hug. "What a coincidence!" he says letting go of me. "Yea well hey I got to go maybe we can hang out later?" he says as he walks away. I run a bit more then decide to head back to grandma's. I walk inside and go upstairs. I lay on my bed and scroll through instagram, until I saw something that caught my eye.

                     *HAYES' POV*

        I was walking over to Jordan's house when I bumped into Zoe. We talked for a few minutes until I said I had to go. I knocked on jordan's door and she answered it. "Hey babe" she says giving me a kiss. "Hey" I say as she takes my hand and we walk upstairs. She took out her phone and took a selfie kissing me. She posted it on instagram and then turned her phone off. We watched a movie until it was time for me to go. I kissed her on the cheek then walked back to my house.

                      *ZOE'S POV*

       I threw my phone beside me and started crying. I thought he liked me when we went on that date and he kissed me. I feel someone sit down next to me. "Zoe are you ok?" Raevyn asks. I sit up and tell her everything even what happened at digifest. "Well I'm sorry hey it's only 6:00pm I can take you out to get some ice cream and when we get back we can watch Netflix all night" I nod my head and change into some sweatpants and a hoodie. Raevyn asks grandma if we can borrow her car she,of course, said yes. We got in the car and drove to Wal-Mart.

                   *RAEVYN'S POV*

      We walked to the ice cream section and got two of the pint size ice creams. We were checking out when I saw Nash grier standing behind us. I look back again to see his blue eyes met mine. I gave the cashier the money then me and Zoe made our way back to the car. I was opening my door When I felt a tug on my shirt. "Hey I never got your number at magcon So I was wondering maybe I could have it now" I chuckled and typed my number into his phone. When we got home me and Zoe watched movies until she fell asleep. I turn the tv off and pull the covers over her. I was fixing to lay down I heard my phone go off I answered it to see who it was. "Heyy Raevyn it's Nash do you want to come over and watch a movie?" I smile and reply yes. I walk to his house because it was right down the street. I knock on the door and it opened to reveal those blue eyes. We walk up to his room and put in The Fault In Our Stars. We were about half way through the movie when I felt tired I leaned my head on his shoulder and fell asleep happy for once.

                    *NASH GRIER*

    I looked over to see Raevyn asleep on my shoulder. I smile to myself and turn the tv off. I positioned her on my chest and instantly fell asleep. I know now that I like her wait no I think I love her.

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