Chapter 27

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                 Raevyns Pov

      "Heyy Brent" i greet him stepping into his truck. "Why are you so dressed up?" he asks looking at my dress. "Im not im just wearing a dress" i reply playing with the button on my jean jacket. I curled my hair and put makeup on today because I wanted to not for anyone in particular. Me and Brent talk some more until we arrive at school. just as i was about to shut the door i feel someone try to lift my dress up. I turn around to see Jake. I kick him in the area causing him to fall to the ground. "Keep your filthy fucking hands off of me" i say shutting Brents door. I walk up to the school doors and walk inside causing everyone to stare. I walk up to Zoe and Hayes. "Wow you look nice sis" Zoe says giving me a hug. I smile and hug her back. "I would love to stay and chat but i need to get to 1st period love you guys". I say walking away before getting stopped by someone tapping my shoulder. I turn around to see Brent. "You forgot your purse" He says handing me my bag. "Thanks" "Welcome love you and if anyone gives you any trouble today call me and ill come pick you up" I smile and hug him. "Love you too" as i say that the bell rings. "Crap got to go see you later" I quickly walk to 1st period. "Why are you late Ms.Bell?" Mrs Anderson asks giving me a foul look. "Slept late" I lie before taking my seat next to him. "How does it feel to cheat?" Nash asks looking at me teary eyed. "What the hell are you talking about?" "You know what im talking about" He says another tear streaming down his face. "I don't even have a boyfriend I havent been able to move on from you" I say tears streaming down my face. His eyes go wide and just as he was about to say something the bell rings. I quickly get up and run to the bathroom wiping off my makeup and changing my clothes putting my hair in a ponytail. I hear the bell ring again and i sigh knowing im late for another class. I was gonna walk to next period when i thought about what Brent said. I pull out my phone and click on his contact. "Hello?" "Heyy Brent it's Raevyn could you by chance come and pick me up?" "What happen?" "I'll tell you when you get here". I hang up the phone and go to the office to sign myself out. Brent arrived a few minutes later. As soon as i open the door he bombards me with questions. "Brent Im fine just some guys thats all" I yell before shutting the door. We keep on driving until we reach a hotel? "Brent what are we doing at a hotel?" "I have a touring event today and i thought you would wanna get ready" My eyes widen and a smile makes its way on my face. We walk up the stairs to be greeted by Mahogany. "LOX!" i yell attacking her in a hug. She laughs and hugs me back. "Hey it's been a while Bae" she replys. "Go get ready" Brent says ushering me to his room. "Brent i dont have any clothes" he sighs. "It's ok she can borrow some of mine" Mahogany says. I follow her into her room. "Im gonna take a shower first" i say walking to the bathroom and turning the water on. As I was getting out I slipped and fell. "Raevyn you ok in there?" Mahogany asks from in the room. "Yea just fine" I yell getting up. I put my Waxahachie hoodie on along with some jeans. I walked to be greater my Brent. "Took you long enough ready?" He asks. I roll my eyes and nod. we walk out to the limo and get in. I wasn't really paying attention who was in the limo and just continued playing cash dash and listening to Shawn Mendes' sweet voice until Brent texts me. "Did you wear any makeup?". I furrow my eyes together and text back a no. He texts back rather quickly. "Good you don't need it and uh look up" I let out a laugh and met Shawn's beautiful brown eyes. I cover my face and start crying. I feel someone sit down next to me. I look over to see no one other than Shawn. I take my ear buds out. "Are you ok?" He asks in his Canadian voice. I didn't answer and just hugged him. He smiled and hugged back. "Brent has told me so much about you" he says. I pull away and look at Brent. "How much?". Shawn laughs. " Just that your my biggest fan and wanted to meet me". I cover my now warm red cheeks. Shawn lowers my hands. "Your cute when you blush don't hide it" I shake my head and looked down at my phone to see I have a text from Mahogany. "Ohhh get ya some #Shaevyn" I laugh and show Shawn. "I ship it" he texts hitting send. My mouth drops open. The driver turned the radio up. "Omg it's show you" I yell instantly regretting it. My cheeks turn a deeper shade of red. Instead of laughing Shawn took my hand and intertwined our fingers. I lean my head on his shoulder and we sing along to one of his biggest hits.

                   *Zoe's POV*

      "Heyy Zo I gotta tell you something" Hayes says holding my hand tighter. "What is it?" I ask. "I leave for tour tomorrow". I stop chewing my food and look over at him. "How long?" I ask looking at him. "2 months". I stop eating all together. "What?" I ask tears escaping my eyes. "I know it's a long time but we can Skype every day and text and call each other" he says turning to face me. I look down. "Please don't cry" he says lifting my head to face his. He wipes my tears away and places a kiss on my lips. "Let's not worry about it until tomorrow" he says pulling away. We lay down on his bed my head resting on his chest as our songs came on. I slowly drifted off to sleep wrapped up in his arms.

Sorry it took so long Zo I promise to update more ~love you xo

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