Chapter 9

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                   *NASH'S POV*

   "So what do you wanna do!" Raevyn asks sitting down on the bed. "Let's play questions!" I say sitting down across from her. "Ok you go first" she says. "What's your favorite color?" I ask. "Hmm your eyes what about you?" she asks smiling. "Rainbow" I say as she starts to laugh. "What's your favorite thing about a girl?" she asks looking me in the eyes wanting an honest answer. "Well pretty much a girl's smile and personality oh and their eyes" I say. "Do you have a crush on anyone?" I ask. "Yea he's really sweet and nice. He has a perfect smile and when he looks at me it makes me melt. He makes me feel like the only girl in the world." she says smiling. "Well he's one lucky guy" I say. "Yep and he happens to feel the same way or at least I hope...." she says. "He does" I say crashing my lips into hers.

                        *ZOE'S POV*

   "Shoot!!" I say getting a little mad. "What happened?" Hayes says looking over at me. "I forgot to make YouTube videos this week, wait I got an idea!" I say getting my camera. "What would that be?" he asks me confused. "Now that I have a boyfriend I can do the boyfriend tag!" I say setting up my tripod and turning the camera on. "Heyy my fellow subscribers I'm sorry I haven't been blogging I have had one crazy week. Anyways today I am doing the boyfriend tag with my amazing boyfriend Hayes Grier." I say picking up my phone. "I tweeted a while ago for y'all to use #Zoe and ask me questions for this video.Ok first question and this one is for Hayes How did y'all meet?" I say looking at Hayes."Well Nash saw her and her friend in the lobby having trouble with their luggage so he called me over there to help her and it was love at first sight" Hayes says giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Next question is for me and it says what was your first thought of Hayes? well when I saw him in the lobby I was like omg it's Hayes Grier." I say laughing. "OK last question and its for both of us "Name your favorite thing about each other." "My favorite thing about Zoe is her personality." Hayes says wrapping his arms around me. "Mine would have to be either his eyes or hair" I say taking his snapsack and putting it on me. "Well that's it for this video join me next week later luvz" I say ending the video and posting it. "Its getting late can we just watch a movie?" I ask Hayes with puppy dog eyes. "Anything for you" he says getting up and putting on a movie. "Heyy can you step out for a sec while I change?" I ask. "Sure" he replys and walks out shutting the door. I change into a tank and some shorts. "OK you can come in now" I yell laying down.  Hayes walks in without a shirt on. "Hmm where's your shirt?" I ask him as he lays down. "On the floor in there" he says smiling. I snuggle up to him and he wraps his arm around me. "Nite" I say as I drift off to sleep.

                  *RAEVYN'S POV*

       I wake up and look over to see Nash still sleeping. I look at my phone and realise what today is. I layed back down and cried softly. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I smiled and turned around to see a pair of blue eyes staring at me. Nash wipes away my tears and brings my face to his. I pull away for air and cuddle into his chest. "I'm going to miss this just laying here without a care in the world with the love of my life's arms wrapped around me tight" I say smiling. "I'm going to miss seeing your gorgeous smile and how your eyes light up when I say I love you and your kisses" Nash says squeezing me tighter. "Sadly I have to go take a shower" I say getting up and walking to the bathroom closing the door behind me.

                      *NASH'S POV*

     It's the girls last day to spend with me and Hayes, and I'm going to make it count.

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