Chapter 22

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                     Zoes Pov

    "Hayeess what are you doing!" i say as he grabs the water hose. We were currently outside of his house "tanning". "Did you really think we were gonna tan?" he says spraying me with the hose. "Hayes you ate so dead!!!!" i yell grabbing the can of whip cream spraying it in his face. "Oh thats how you wanna play" Hayes says dropping the hose running over to me picking me up, running towards the pool. I act like im scared and start squirming around. He laughs and throws me in before jumping in himself. I come up and open my eyes taking a big inhale. I look over at Hayes who is covered in whip cream. He swims over to me and pulls me close to him. I jump up and wrap my legs around his torso him putting his hands under my thighs for support. "So what do you wanna do after our little swim whip cream boy?" I ask playing with the curls at the nape of his neck. He smiles and looks in my eyes. "I have a surprise" he says leaning in closer his breath fanning my face. "And what do i wear to this "surprise"?" "Raevyns gonna help you" he says leaning in closing the gap between our lips. I smile against his lips before jumping down. "Well when do i have to get ready?" i ask grabbing a towel and drying off. "Now actually so you have time to go shopping" "Hayes why cant i just wear a shirt and jeans?" he shakes his head and smiles. "Tonights gonna be a special night and i want everything to be perfect even though you already are" He says. I pull on my shorts and shirt before walking inside to find Rae waiting for me. Come on before the mall gets busy" she says grabbing my wrist and literally pulling me to the car.

*Skips car ride*

We have been to 10 shops already and still havent found me a dress i was starting to get mad and say i just wasnt gonna go. Everytime i would pick out a dress Raevyn would say it was too much or didnt look right. I was looking a rack when one caught my eye. "Rae what about this one?" i ask holding it up to me. "*Gasps* thats gorgeous!" she says. "It doesnt look to much like a wedding dress?" "No its perfect" i laugh and bring it to the register. After paying for the dress we left and headed back to Hayes' house. When we got back Rae told me to get in the shower. I walked in the bathroom and took a quick shower. When i got out i put on a bra and undies. "You can go ahead and put the dress on" Rae says plugging in the curling wand. I give her a confused look and slip the dress on. She smiles and applies a few coats of mascara before starting on my hair. "Arent you supposed to put foundation and all that?" i ask turning around causing the pin in my hair to fall. "Zoe i know what im doing" she says before pinning my hair back up and curling it. When she was done she sprayed it with some hairspray before saying shes done. I laugh and turn around in shock. "I look like im getting married" i say as Rae laughs. ",Not for a while" she replies. I shake my head and try to walk out of the room before getting stopped by a tall figure towering over me. I look up to see Cam standing in front of me. "CAM!!" i scream pulling him in a hug. He hugs me back. "You look beautiful" he says. "Thank you". i reply. He then pulls out a bandana trying to put it over my eyes. "Its part of the surprise" he says as i relax a bit. He walks me out the door and through the yard? i think which i dont know why.  We contined a few more feet until we came to a stop. I felt around me to see Cam was gone. I took off  the bandana and saw Hayes standing there with a rose.  He walkes over to me and hands me the rose. "You look gorgeous" he says.  I smile and hug him. "You look great too" I say. Songs and quotes from TFIOS start playing. l smile as he puts his arms around my waist mine on his shoulders. We sway to music until our song came on. "life of the party" by Shawn Mendes. He gets on one knee and grabs my hand looking in my eyes. "Zoe i know we have only known each other for a few months but im in love with you i dont care what people think i love you and its the best feeling in the world to know you love me back" he mutters a "i hope so" thinking i wont here it. "Your my other half ,my reason to live for and one day youll be Mrs.Grier but for now" he pulls out a box opening it to reveal a silver band engraved with "forever". He slips the ring on my finger. Tears start running down my face and i engulf him in a hug planting a kiss on his lips. The rest of the night consisted of slow dancing, giggles and occasionnel kisses here and there.

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