OMG its Nash Grier!!

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                   Raevyns pov

        I wake up with a pounding headache and a pair of big blue eyes staring at me. Im trying not to freak out to much. Zoe comes out of the corner and over to the bed. "Your awake" "Yea why wouldnt i be? and why am i in the hospital?" i ask trying not to scream. "You were hit by a car do you not remember?" my eyes widen causing my head to hurt. "No the last thing i remember is mom telling us we were going to California to go to digifest" i say as Zoe bites her lip. "Do you remember me?" Nash asks taking my hand. "Of course for N Nash Grier arent you supposed to be in California for Digifest?" a tear rolls down his cheek. He gets up and walks out of the room. A few minutes later the doctor comes in a clip board in hand and a smile appearing on his face. "Everything looks good you can go home today". We meet Grandma outside. "Grandma its been a while" i say hugging her. She hugs back looking confused. I shrugged it off and got in the passengers seat. When we arrived at Grandmas house i got out and went up stairs. I sigh thinking of why Nash Grier cried. Zoe soon walks in with a photo album and a phone that wasnt hers. "Zoe why was the Nash Grier in my hospital room? and why did he cry when i told him who he was?"She sits down and sighs. "Because you were his girlfriend" my mouth drops open. "Wait i was going out with the Nash Grier?" she nods opening the album. I cover my mouth and look through the pictures. They were of me and Nash. I feel a tear trickle down my cheek. Zoe hands me the phone she had. It was on Vine. I scrolled down to see tons of vines of me and Nash.

              *3 weeks later*

"Zoe?" "Yea?". I stayed silent for a few minutes before speaking up. "I love him". I look over to see Zoe smile. "I know you do i just wish you would remember yall were the cutest couple" I shook my head sighing. "All i remember is.." i try to think when i gasp dropping the phone. "Raevyn whats wrong?". I chuckle and tears roll down my cheek. "I remember everything".

                     *Nashs Pov*

Hayes walks in to see if im ok like hes been doing the last couple weeks. "Are you sure your ok?" he asks. "Yea im just tired" i say with my voice almost gone. He sighs before leaving shutting the door behind him. I put on "Who i am with you" by Chris Young. "A better man is who i am with you" i whisper before laying down my back facing the door. I let out a few tears before the door opened again. "Hayes i told you im fine" i say. "Im not Hayes". i turn around to see her standing there in the doorway. Her long Brown hair pulled into a messy bun with puffy red eyes and my hoodie on. "I remember everything the kiss the car accident everything and i have missed you so much she says walking closer to me. I smile and pull her close. "I promise i will never do that aga" "Just kiss me" i smile and put my lips on hers. I pull away and wrap arms around her waist. "What you mean to me" by Christopher Wilde came on. She puts her arms around my neck. We stayed like this until the song was over. "Raevyn I love you and im never letting you go" she smiles and plants her lips on mine.

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