Chapter 24

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                    Raevyns Pov

        i open my eyes to meet a pair of crying ones. I sit up and pull the blankets off of me. "Nash whats wrong?" i say grabbing his hand. He just crys harder. "Will's in the hospital" he finally chokes out. My eyes widen. "What why?" "I'll tell you later for now lets just get to the hospital" he says standing up from the bed. I throw him some basketball shorts and a hoodie. I slip on my vans and run out of the room to see Hayes and Zoe hugging, them both balling their eyes out. [*Keep in mind its 3:00 a.m.*]

                        Zoe's Pov

            The door flies open causing me to let out a small scream and grab Hayes. I look over to see a crying Elizabeth in the door way. "Get up Will got  hurt and we have to go to the hospital" she says before walking away. Me and Hayes jump right up and walk out into the living room. After Raevyn and Nash come out we all get in the car and drive as fast as we can to the hospital.

                     6 months later

   Will still has not woken up. The doctor said he was in a coma and its hard to tell when or if he wakes up. Nash and Raevyn's relationship isnt doing so good. Me and Hayes' though, are stronger than ever. "Well im gonna go and get something to eat do yall want anything?" Elizabeth asks. I nod my head so does Hayes. "No thank you" Raevyn says. "Come on yall haven't eaten anything in 2 days at least a burger or some french fries" She shakes her head and claims she's not hungry. I sigh and look over at Hayes. I hate seeing him like this. He looks so lifeless. His eyes aren't as blue as they were, he has bags under his eyes and to touch it all off he lost his voice from crying to much. "I love you" i say planting a kiss on his lips before snuggling up to him. I hear him whisper a faint I love you too and he wraps his arms around me pulling me closer. Oh I almost forgot Christmas is 2 weeks away. Any other year i would have asked for a laptop or a new phone but all i want this year is for Will to wake up. We sat there like we were waiting for some kind of miracle to happen for Will to wake up. A tear makes its way down my face. A few more fall before i decided to get up and take a walk for a breath of fresh air with Hayes. We walked to the park and sat down on a bench. "It feels so nice out" i say putting my hands up in the air. "Its 50° how does it feel good outside?" Hayes asks with a chuckle at the end. "That's the first time i have heard you laugh in 6 months" i say without thinking. "And this is my first time seeing you smile for the past few months" Hayes says. I let out a laugh and snuggle up to him. We sat for a few minutes in each others arms before I decided to have a talk with Hayes. "Hayes i know its hard but you have to start living again. I know whats its like to have someone you care about in the hospital. My dad was in a coma for a year and i didn't do anything that year. I missed so much like my best friends sweet 16 and my grandmas Halloween party my moms Birthday. The point is you have to start feeling alive again. Do the stupidest things and get in trouble learn from your mistakes and move on. We only live once so make that one chance count" i say letting a tear fall. He doesn't say anything but instead pulls me into a kiss later turning into a make out session. After about 5 minutes we pull away for air. "I have wanted to do that for a while" he whispers before pulling me into another kiss. After walking around the park we head back to the hospital. We walk into the room to find a few smiling faces. "What did we miss Did he wake up?" me and Hayes ask running over to Will. "No but he should wake up in the next week" Elizabeth responds, a smile plastered on her face. Hayes smiles wide and pulls me in for a hug. I smile against his chest. What a great Christmas surprise.


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