Chapter 4

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                  *RAEVYN'S POV*

      I saw the boys smiling at us after we took off our shirts and shorts. Last time someone smiled at me in my bikini it was my ex-boyfriend Jake and he wasn't smiling because he liked the view. I got hit a lot he's the reason I'm so self-conscious about myself. When I saw Nash smiling at me I grabbed a towel and ran. I didn't want to cry in front of him.

                    *NASH'S POV*

        I was smiling at Raevyn. Not because of her gorgeous body but because of how beutiful she was.I wasn't trying to be a pervert. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I see Raevyn grab a towel and start to run off. "Heyy Hayes stay here with Zoe I'll be back" I say and start chasing after Raevyn.

                  *RAEVYN'S POV*

I hear someone running behind me. I stop because I'm out of breath and I wanna see if it was who I think it is. "Are you ok?" Nash asks out of breath. "Well I saw you smiling at me and the last time a guy smiled at me while I was in a bikini was my ex-boyfriend Jake and he didn't smile because he thought I looked good he smiled because he thought I was to fat and used to physically hurt me" I say now tears are falling uncontrollably. I put my head in my hands when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. "I would never do that, I was smiling because of how beautiful you are" Nash says looking me in the eyes. Wow his eyes are so easy to get lost in. I feel him start to lean in. I leaned in to and our lips crashed together. They moved in sync for about a minute or two till I had to pull away for air. "Wow" was all I can say. "Well Mr.Grier stole my first kiss" I say aloud. "...and your second" he says smashing his lips with mine. "We should probably be getting back" I say grabbing his hand and we start walking back to the spot on the beach where we left Hayes and Zoe ALONE.

                     *ZOE'S POV*

  After Raevyn ran off Nash followed which left me and Hayes alone. We were talking until I got bored so I stood up and said "OK grier catch me if you can!" I say running off into the water. "Its on!" he says taking off his shirt and running after me. I run into the water and end up tripping. I was instantly pulled out the water by Hayes. "Okay Cameron?" he asks me. I was confused until I Knew what he was talking about.(it was the cameron Dallas vine when he says his legs are faster than his body) I splash water in his face and than swim off laughing. "Its on now!" he says as we have a huge water fight. After about 5 minutes we stop our water war and just start talking about things. I told Hayes to go under water and see how long he can hold his breath. This boy falls for everything. As soon as he goes under water I run for shore. Just as I set foot on shore I was tackled. I rolled on my back and all of a sudden Hayes has me pinned down with him on top of me. "I need to quit falling for your tricks" he says smiling. "Yea you do" I say laughing. "Zoe?" "Yes" "Has anyone ever told you you have perrty eyes?" he says in a country accent. I chuckle. "I've heard it a few times." say looking at him.At this point Hayes face is just inches from mine. We were both leaning in when Nash said "Come on guys we're going to starbucks" Uggh so close. "Ok" we both say as Hayes gets off of me and helps me up I put my shorts and shirt on and all of us start on our way to Starbucks. Man this night is just turning out to be one of the best ones of my life.

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