Chapter 11

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                     *ZOE'S POV*

      I woke up at 11:00 in the morning sweating like crazy. I get out of bed and hop in the shower. After I was done in the shower I straightened my hair and took my bangs and pulled them back with a glittery bow. I put on some high waisted bleached shorts and a white crop top. After I was done getting ready I sat done on my couch and thought about what I was going to do today. I got out my phone and called Raevyn. It rang 3 times before she answered. "Hi" Raevyn says she sounds like she has been crying. "Hey what's wrong?" I ask worried. "I just really miss him" she says crying into the phone. "Hey why don't you come over today? and we will eat pizza and watch Twilight" I ask. "Yea but I'm not gonna change or anything" she says as I chuckle. I hang the phone up and get redressed in my pajama shorts and a shirt. I put my hair in a ponytail and hunt for my twilight movies. A few minutes later I hear the door open and see Raevyn walk in. I put the movies down and embrace her in a hug. She hugs back let's out a few tears. "Heyy" I say ripping away her tears."it's summer maybe we can go to another magcon and see them. I miss Hayes a lot to." I say as we walk to the couch and lay down I was fixing to play the movie when my laptop went off saying somebody was skyping me. I answered it to see 2 pairs of blue eyes staring at me. "Hey guy's what's up?" I say. "Nothing much how are y'all now that it's summer?" Nash asks. "Its great we just miss y'all a what are y'all doing?" I ask trying to change the subject. "Eating a sandwich" Nash yells. "I'm obviously skyping you two" Hayes says laughing at Nash. Me and Raevyn start to laugh. "So what are y'all doing?" Nash asks looking at Raevyn it was adorable. "Me and Raevyn just ordered pizza and are watching the twilight movies" I say pretending to have fangs. "Ha well be safe and we will talk to y'all later" Nash says ending the call. We started to watch twilight when there was a knock on the door. Finally the pizza is here I'm starving. I opened the door and played him. I brought the pizza over to the couch and me and Raevyn started eat and watch the rest of twilight. The first movie was over time for New Moon. I was about to put it in when there was another knock on the door. That's wierd my mom was in her room and the pizza already came.

                     *NASH POV*

        Me and Hayes ended the call. We looked over at each other and smiled. We were about 10 minutes away from Zoe's house. We called Zoe's mom this morning and told her we were coming and not to tell Raevyn and Zoe. We were just now pulling into there drive way. We got out of Wills car and walk up to her door. I knock on her door and get butterflies in my stomach. Zoe opens the door and puts her hands over her mputh.I smile and pull her into a hug. She shuts the door and walks onto the porch. "I've missed y'all a lot" she says hugging Hayes. "You couldn't have come on a better day Raevyn is over at my house today because I called her and she was crying because she missed you" she says. "Well I was wondering if you and Raevyn would like to come on tour with us this summer?" I said all in one breath really fast. "Yea of course" "You should go in and say hi to Raevyn" She says smiling and pointing to the door. I walk in and see Raevyn pouring a drink with her back turned to me. I walked up and her from behind. "Hey" I say as she turns around and almost drops her cup of coke. She sets it down and embraces me in a hug. Once she pulled away I planted my lips on hers. We kissed for a minute or two until we pulled away for air. "I have missed you" she says as tears roll down her face. I wipe them away and say " I missed you more" man I have missed just standing in the same room as her.

                     *HAYES POV*

      As soon as Nash walked in to find Raevyn, I pulled Zoe into a hug. "I have missed you a lot!" I say pulling away from her. She grabs my face and plants her lips on mine. We stood there kissing until we had to pull away for air. I leaned my forehead on hers and smiled. "When do we leave for magcon?" Zoe asks looking up at me. "Actually today around 4:00, we are going to get on a plane to San Diego." I say. "Well me and Raevyn better get packing it's already 12:00" she says. We walk inside to see Nash And Raevyn hugging. "Heyy Nash did you tell Raevyn the news yet?" I ask smiling.

                      *NASH'S POV*

      "Heyy Nash did you tell Raevyn the news yet?" Hayes asks smirking. I turn back around to Raevyn and hold her hands. "Will you Raevyn Bell go on the magcon tour with me this summer?" I ask as her eyes widen. "Of course!" she says engulfing me in a hug. "Well y'all better get packing its already 12:30 we leave at 3:00 to get to the airport by 4:00" Hayes says as the girls go to Zoe's Room to get packing.

                  *RAEVYN'S POV*

           "I can't believe we are going to magcon tour again!" I say to as Zoe get out my suitcase. We pack basically all of our clothes because we would be gone for 2 months. After we got done packing I slipped on some sweatpants and a cameron Dallas hoodie with a nashty beanie. Zoe stayed in her pajamas and just slide on vans. We put our suitcase in wills car and headed to the airport. When we got there it was 3:30 so we had time to get some Starbucks. Nash and Hayes went and got us our drinks while we stayed in line and waited for our plane to start boarding. A couple minutes later Hayes and Nash came back with our drinks. We were fixing to sit down when they called for us to start boarding our plane. The plane took off and I just played my head back in my seat I'm kinda afraid of heights. I guess Nash saw me and laid his hand on mine which calmed me down. I leaned my head on his shoulder and slowly fell asleep.

*skipped rest of plane ride and getting to the hotel*

         Once we got to the hotel room It was 11 at night. "So what are we going to do?" asks Nash. "I bet I can win a staring contest!" I say smirking at him. "Your on!" he replys turning towards me. It has been about 30 seconds and no one has blinked. I didn't want to play in more because I knew I was going to lose so I leaned in and placed my lips to his. We kissed for a few minutes until Nash pulls away laughing. "So I'm guessing that's your way of surrending" he says laughing at me. "I guess so" I reply. I look over and see that Hayes and Zoe are already asleep and Hayes arm protectivly around Zoe. "Well I'm tired so I love you night"I say laying down facing the opposite way of Nash he turns me around so that I'm facing him. He kisses the corners of my lips and says "I love you to night" he lays down and pulls me closer to him. I slowly fall asleep in his arms.


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