Chapter 20

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              *~* Zoe's POV*~*

     I wake up to Jordyn shaking me. "Get up remember your supposed to go see Raevyn today" she says handing me my clothes. I walk to the bathroom and quickly get dressed. I pull my messy hair into a fishtail braid then slid on my vans. I hug Jordyn goodbye and make my way over to Nash°s house. I knocked on the door to find a shirtless Hayes. "Um is Raevyn here?" I ask not trying to stare at his abs. "Yea she's in the kitchen" he says pointing to the kitchen. I walk in to the kitchen to find Rae and Nash cooking pancakes. "Your finally out of the hospital!" I say running over and hugging her. "I missed you too" she says hugging me back. "Wanna go shopping and have a girls day?" Raevyn asks as a huge smile spreads across my face. "Of course!" I reply letting go of her.

             *skips ride*

We arrive at Starbucks and Raevyn goes to order our drinks and comes back with two frappes. "So how are you and Nash?" I ask raising my eye brows up and down. "We are great how about you and Hayes?" she asks as my smile starts to fade. "Omg im sorry I forgot" she says looking sad. "I went to a party and James tried to do stuff but Hayes "rescued" me" I say smiling and feel my cheeks heat up. "Awe!!!! y'all would look so cute together!!" Raevyn replys. We leave Starbucks and go to Forever 21. I wish Hayes knew how I feel about him but hes to wrapped up in fame. 

                *Hayes pov*

"Heyy Nash can I talk to you about something?" I say as the girls walk out of the door. "Its about Zoe isnt it?" he says as my cheeks turn bright red. "Yea I want to ask her out but she thinks im to caught up in fame what do I do?" I ask.  "Prove to her that you changed". I hug Nash and say thank you. I pull out my phone and call Zoe. "Would you go on a date with me?" I ask quickly not even saying hi. "Haha sure" she chuckles and I sigh with relief. "Ok meet me at the park in 1 hour wear something nice" I say hanging the phone up. I jump in the shower and get ready to ask my future girlfriend out.

                *Zoes pov*

       I hop in the shower to wash my hair and body. I get out and scatter through my closet until I find a blue strapless dress that goes down to my knee. I put on some flats and plugged in my curling wand. I quickly curl my hair and apply a little make up. I grab my phone and walk to the park. I arrive at the entrance to see Hayes in a button up shirt and khakis shorts. "You look amazing" Hayes says hugging me. "You look great too". We walk down the path to a table with our food on it. He pulls out my chair for me. We talk about random things until I hear a song come on. My song. (I wont let go by Rascal Flatts) "Can I have this dance?" Hayes asks holding his hand out. I put my hand in his and we sway from side to side. Tears run down my face as I think of this song. "Why are you crying?" he asks wiping my tears away. "Do you know why this is my favorite song?" I ask as tears fall again. "No" he responds looking worried. "This was me and my dads song we would always sing it together" I say. "He passed away last year" I finished. I feel arms wrap around me and lips on mine. I kissed back without knowing I did. "I have been waiting to do that for a long time" he says leaning his forehead on mine. I smile like crazy. "Zoe I know I have hurt you but I promise never to do it again would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" I put my hands over my mouth nodding a yes. A smile spreads across his face. "We better get going its getting late" I say. He grabs my hand and we walk back to my house. When we arrived at my door he gave me a kiss goodnight. He was about to walk off when I tugged on his shirt. "Wanna stay here tonight no ones home we can watch movies?" he nods walking in with me up to my room. I change into some shorts and a tank top. Hayes just takes off his khakis and short. Seeing him in only his boxers was weird. I turn the light out and put in Frozen then laid down next to Hayes. I snuggled into his side and slowley fell asleep.

                 ~Nashs Pov~

    My phone hits the wall shattering the back. Im so stupid! I pick up my phone and call Raevyn. "Raevyn i need you to come over" i say hanging up. She bursts through my door a few minutes later. "Whats wrong?" she asks running over to me. "I have to tell you something" "I went to a party with Cam and got a little drunk well i went over to Alyssa and kissed her" i see a tear roll down her cheek. "I knew it was too good to be true" she says running out of my room.

                ~Raevyns pov~

        I ran out of his room through the front door. I just ran until i couldnt run any more. I stopped in the street to catch my breath when everything turned black.

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