four | please no condom

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            "Oops, I got ninety-nine problems singing bye, bye, bye." I performed a pirouette and almost ended up on the floor, but of course the gentle and swift movements of the tall young man caught me right in time.

            "Bloody hell, when's this ever going to stop?" he complained in a serious tone and his posh British accent appeared to be thicker. All I could say was that it sounded incredibly hot. Then he forced out a little laugh, maybe to comfort me or to befall a bit less grumpy. 

            "You took me here!"

His large hands were still around the frame of my waist and held me tightly. It was such an enlightening feeling to be sure of having someone to catch you whenever you would fall, someone to keep you stable. And it of course was Xavier Montgomery, the famous writer of whom I had never read a book before. He was nicely buttoned up in a fancy suit with a bright red tie. The suit enhanced the outlines his perfect shape and made me drool a little bit. His skin was tanned and had no flaws, everything looked soft and very, very touchable. It was hard to resist not doing what my true nature wanted me to. Likewise were the rest of his facial features flawless. His piercing green eyes with gold specks were even more intimidating than they appeared to be in the picture on the back cover of his book. I had never seen green eyes so dark before. His dark, thick hair made the whole picture perfect. Oh, and not to mention the lips, those full lips you wished any boy had.

He must've seen that I was studying his looks, because he squeezed my waist a bit and titled his head to the side. He looked much cuter and approachable like that. I felt the tension building in our silence and that scared me. It was not only that I wanted to have sex with him – just being straight to the point – but also that I for some reason felt so comfortable around him. I barely knew him, only half an hour or probably less.

And what felt even fucking better was that I had this bomb ass story to tell my friends after this night. Fuck yes! Maybe I would write a news article about this in which I would confirm the size of his hands. And describe the veins in his... arms.

            "Now we're under the covers..." I quietly sung.

            "Not yet."

Because of that that one sentence, those two three syllabled words, the night flew away. One moment he pulled me tighter and kissed my lips, we started making out in every fucking corner of the kitchen, ended up on the counter - which he simply emptied by sweeping the glasses off of it – with his killer body on top of my, well, not so killer body and then we had a quick pause to both drink a whole bottle of expensive wine. Then we continued.

            "What's your name?" Xavier disconnected his lips from mine and breathed heavy into my face.

            "Aw, so nice of you to ask!"

            "Tell me your name," he commanded.

Then suddenly the door flew open and I heard some gasping. Xavier didn't feel like getting off me and just looked up.

            "Autumn!" Lily-Rose almost screamed.

            "Autumn," Xavier repeated quietly, "but of course."

The rest of the girls appeared too. Fadoua looked disappointed, but the rest was just shocked. Until Sadie started clapping and subtly forced everyone out of the room.

            "You go girl!" she proudly shouted at me as she gestured the girls needed to leave.

When they were gone, Xavier gave me a weird look.

            "I don't know them," I said.

            "Quite nice friends you have," he grinned where after he started kissing my neck.

            "Hm... not talking about my friends when we're about to have sex unless you want me to throw up in my mouth."

            "Are we about to have sex?"

            "A-aren't we?"

            "Right here?"

            "Why not?"

            "Not so classy of you. I'm taking you to my apartment."

And so we went. He sneaked me out of the mansion of his parents, called his driver and got us to his apartment. In the elevator we weren't able to stay fully dressed and had to cover ourselves when a stranger came in. When the stranger got out, we continued doing nasty things in the elevator until we arrived at the last floor of the building. His apartment was a fucking penthouse. We undressed some more, kissed some more, touched some more, drank some more and before I knew, I was drunk again and ready to get fucked by Xavier Montgomery. He kissed all the right spots, pushed all the rights buttons and did everything I needed at that moment. When he pulled out his nine inched dick, my night couldn't get any better.

            "Please no condom, beautiful?" he desperately asked.

            "What if I get pregnant?"

            "I don't know... Sell it perhaps?"

And then he entered.

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