twenty-six | drew vs. xav

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gif of what I imagine Drew to look like (Dean Geyer) -- you're free to imagine whatever/whoever you want

gif of what I imagine Drew to look like (Dean Geyer) -- you're free to imagine whatever/whoever you want

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december 6th
dallas, america

THE NEXT MORNING EVERYTHING WAS LIKE A BLUR. The last thing I clearly remembered was us having a huge snowball fight and after that we were going for drinks. Considering the headache which was killing me, I must've drank a little too much on Xavier's birthday party.

The doorbell of my apartment rang, so I groaned loudly and got out of my bed, ignoring all the pain going through my body. This twenty-one year old woman really couldn't handle her booze anymore and it was such a pity, because booze was the only thing that could keep me happy forever.

I opened the door and was greeted by two handsome men. They first looked at me, then at each other and lastly back at me. It was funny to see how confused they both were and honestly, so was I.

"Drew and Xavier?" I asked while rubbing my eyes, "What the hell are you two doing here?"

Drew looked at Xavier for a couple of seconds – who looked at him with the most monstrous and threatening expression on his face I had ever seen – and cleared his throat. He was holding two cans of paint and I facepalmed myself when I realized why he was here.

"We were going to paint your walls, remember?"

"Paint her walls, heh," Xavier said mockingly, "is that American slang for giving her head?"

"Xav," I said as a warning, although deep down I wanted to laugh, because that was something what Americans indeed would use as another term for eating her out, "my walls are ugly as fuck and I wanted a new fresh color on them. Drew, my friend, offered to help."

"Ouch," Xavier looked at Drew, "she emphasized 'my friend', I felt that too, mate."

"Why for the love God are you fucking this guy?" Drew asked me as he pointed at Xavier who just grinned at him.

"I think we both know that." Xavier leaned in to Drew and whispered loudly enough for me to hear it too. "Because I have big dick energy."

"Oh my god," I said, trying to hold back my laughter, "you two are the worst."

"Big dick energy?" Drew snorted, "Autumn, who has the bigger dick?"

"What?" Both Xavier and I said. He looked at me astonished and low key offended.

"You've had sex with him?"

"No!" I exclaimed, "Drew!"

"What?" Drew raised both his hands into the air as if he was surprised, but I knew that he was enjoying this. "You didn't tell him that you've sucked my dick?"

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