twenty-seven | suicide mission

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december 8th
dallas, america

GUESS WHAT, IT WAS A SATURDAY NIGHT AND I WAS MENTALLY SHATTERED. My feelings were destroyed, soul turned black and heart stopped monitoring right things. Lies, my soul already was black. Maybe that was a bit too much, but I was just incredibly annoyed by the fact that Xavier did not have the capacity of giving me one single call. Hi Autumn, I'm calling you to tell you that I landed in New York and I'm doing fine. No! None of that!

            "Your staring at the wall as if it's your next victim," Valentina said as she sipped her wine as if it was tea.

            "Xavier doesn't pick up the phone, neither does Lily-Rose. I hope their plane crashed into a building and nine eleven can peacefully be revived," I hissed. Quite sure I sounded like an angry cat – which I was. My pussy was angry too.

            "They're probably having sex," Gwen said with a mischievous grin decorating her face.

            "Gwen!" All the girls yelled in unison.

            "Joking, joking. Damn, y'all really need to get dicked down tonight, because I can feel the tension," she mumbled.

            "I haven't had sex since October 30th," I moaned.

            "I haven't had sex since birth," Fadoua said as she sipped her orange juice.

            "I haven't had sex since... well, that was yesterday actually," Valentina shrugged and we all looked at her in confusion. "Oh, it's nobody."

            "Spill, spill, spill, spill," we all said like the close cult members we were.

            "Alex," she finally sighed.

            "Alex?" Fadoua asked offendedly.

            "Drew?" Valentina replied in the same tone.

            "Drew is cancelled, I didn't feel shit for that man. And also, we never had sex."

They exchanged some weird looks that I wasn't able to understand, so we just continued talking.

            "Wait," Gwen said, "so you haven't fucked Drew in all that time?"

            "Who, me?" I asked.

            "Yeah, you. You two have been hanging out more and more lately, so I thought-"

            "You were wrong," I interrupted her.

            "But Drew is handsome, though," Sadie who had been quiet all the time suddenly added herself to the conversation, "Right?"

            "He is. Autumn and Drew are those two friends who always have a thing for each other and end up together in the end like that Love, Rosie movie, you know?" Valentina asked.

            "Loved that movie," Fadoua said, "but I hope Autumn won't get pr-"

            "No more spoilers!" I said, "I still want to watch it."

            "Oops," Valentina and Fadoua both said at the same moment, where after they started giggling.


Lily-Rose and I walked through the crowded corridors of the biggest publish house in New York. Busy men and women rushed from one room to another, crossing the corridor and of course bumping into us. Some had lots of papers in their hands, so when they hit either Lily-Rose, me, or both, it all fell like whirling snowflakes over the ground. They would apologize several times and then bend to collect their stuff. The view was arousing, especially when it were women in short skirts.

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