eighteen | blanche as winter

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october 30thlondon, england

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october 30th
london, england

WE BAKED HALLOWEEN CAKES. Yes, you're hearing it correctly – Xavier Montgomery and Autumn Morris baked fucking Halloween cakes and cookies. He kept avoiding the question why we were doing it, but it was okay, because we were having so much fun. As immature as he was, he fucked up all the cookies by making most of them dick-shaped, but at least they were edible.

            "Maybe we should bake some edibles," Xavier suggested, "space cake will do."

            "Perfect plan. I brought some marijuana in my suitcase, just in case." I wiggled my brows at him and he started laughing.

            "How do you do that?" he asked.

            "What? Wiggling my brows like this?" I did it again and he nodded.

            "I can't do that." Instead of wiggling his eyebrows, he accidentally wiggled his ears, enlarged his nostrils and moved his eyeballs in all directions. I burst out in laughter and tried to hide it by covering my mouth with my hands.

            "Oh, sod off!" he pushed my shoulder, but laughed about it as well.

            "I'm sorry, I just-" I tried to catch my breath, but that was hard especially since he tried to wiggle his eyebrows again, "you look so fucking ugly when you do that. Like, everything moves except your eyebrows."

            "You have no right to say that, because you're always ugly."

            "So your fetish is having sex with ugly women?"

            "Fuck you." He grabbed the bag of flour and ominously started walking towards me, so I backed off immediately and hid behind the counter in kitchen of his apartment.

He tried to grab and shower me with flour, but I was too fast for him. At one point, I was standing across from him on the other side of the counter. When he suddenly jumped over it and grabbed me, there was no way to go.

            "Please, don't do it," I begged him as he pushed me to the wall.

            "And why wouldn't I?"

            "Because... I'm sweet?"

            "You insulted me so now you need to be punished."

            "You really are Christian Grey, aren't you?"

            "I told you I'm more like Anastasia."

There we stood against the wall, the wall where we kissed the night we had sex. The only difference was that he didn't have a pack of flour in his hand back then. His eyes got darker the longer he looked at me. This man was so intimidating that I didn't know what to say. All I could do was stare at him and admire every feature that caught my eye. Even from this close distance he looked perfect.

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