thirty-four | christmas eve

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december 24thdallas, america

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december 24th
dallas, america

THOUSANDS OF SNOWFLAKES WHIRLED DOWN THE SKY, enhancing the joyous sphere in Dallas. It was unlike the weather in Texas to snow during Christmas, so this was the most beautiful white Christmas ever. Stop the Cavalry played in the background of my nicely decorated apartment, giving it the most Christmas-y vibe imaginable.

Just when I was adjusting Xavier's tie, the doorbell rang. My lovely boyfriend looked incredibly handsome in his ugly Christmas sweater – which I bought and forced him to wear – and white, neat blouse underneath. He even let me help do his hair this morning which was something I thought I'd never be able to do. It made me happy to see him happy, but he said he was only happy because I was happy. A mouthful, eh? He just looked so peaceful, goofy and healthy this day, just like before. He – of course – squeezed my butt when I ran towards the door, but it was Christmas Eve, so I laughed about it.

When I opened the door, all my girlfriends started yelling. They were all a bit wet because of the snow and it seemed to hurt Lily-Rose a lot because she was the only one without a hoodie. Before they went in, they all gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. After the girls followed Alex and Drew, who also were wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters. Once everyone was inside, I closed the door and suggested where they could leave their presents; underneath the Christmas tree of course. The girls hugged Xavier – who was surprised by how happy they were to see him – as if he was a teddy bear and told him how good it was to see him again. His confused and innocent reaction made me smile like crazy, he could be so cute sometimes. Hey, I said sometimes.

            "Did you two do this?" Sadie asked when she and the rest settled down around the kitchen table, pointing at the extravagant decoration.

            "We sure did," I said.

            "She sure did, yes," Xavier said.

            "You should've seen her decoration last year," Gwen said to Xav, "it was like, well... I don't know how to describe it."

            "It was like Santa's elves had a war in her apartment," Valentina added.

            "And then decided to fuck up the turkey by setting it on fire," Lily-Rose said.

            "Man, Santa's elves really used to hate Autumn," Fadoua said.

            "And I give them all the right to," Xavier laughed, "but it's a tradition to spend Christmas Eve in Autumn's apartment?"

            "As far as I can remember it had been," I said as I lit the candles on the table. Then I checked the turkey in the oven and lastly I grabbed the expensive wine Xavier bought. He had promised that it was going to be the best thing I had ever had in my mouth, besides his penis. I most certainly doubted that.

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