fourteen | steamy dreams

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author's note - not so relevant, but when I wrote this I actually had my room filled with candles and had I Want To Know What Love is playing. also, after writing this I realized I really need a love interest asap. god come on please give me a hot boi

 god come on please give me a hot boi

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october 28th
dallas, america

COMING HOME AFTER A NIGHT of drinking felt rather odd. When I unlocked the door of my apartment and came in, a soft light came from the living room. I was sure that when the girls and I left my apartment, I switched off every light. Slightly confused and scared, I walked towards the light and when I entered the room, my mind got blown.

Candles. Everywhere.

It gave my apartment a whole new ambiance; very cozy and romantic, especially since fall leaves colored in red and orange decorated spaces between candles. This was the view I had been dreaming of. I took off my coat and tried to discover who has put all this effort into making my apartment nice for once.

Just when I was about to ask if anyone was there, flames of tea lights carefully put down in a line towards my bedroom started fluttering. I followed the sign and slowly opened the door. From the moment the door moved away from the doorpost, even more flames started flickering inside of my room – there were more candles. The worst part about it was that how further I pushed the door, how louder I Want To Know What Love Is started playing. Actually, the worst part must've been that the song reminded me of Deadpool.

I stepped inside my room and there he was sitting on the edge of my bed with his face ever-so happy. As I came closer, he smiled more and more, but I could only focus on the reflection of lights dancing in his dark eyes. I was so overwhelmed that I didn't know how to properly react to this surprise.

"Hello, Autumn," Xavier said.

I couldn't stop smiling, but covered my mouth with my hands. If this was an apology, he sure was forgiven. He let out a chuckle where after he stood up.

"I'm sorry for being a bloody arsehole."

"You really didn't have to do this," I said.

"A woman like you," he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. The scent of his cologne made feel like pudding and the warmth of his body made my insides melt, "needs to be treated like a damn princess. I fancy everything about you, Autumn."

"Stop it, you fool."

"No, you doofus."

He gently placed his fingers under my chin to lift up my head. From this distance and in this particular light, his moisturized lips seemed thicker and softer than ever before, his eyes seemed greener and sparkly, his face was perfectly contoured and his dark hair was naturally shiny. I let one hand go through his hair, while the other one rested on his cheek. His smile spoke more than words. Xavier was the type of man who spoke through body language, not through words, those were just to fool you.

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