thirteen | more tequila's please

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october 27thdallas, america

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october 27th
dallas, america

IT WAS A SATURDAY EVENING, which defined Wine & Chips with the girls. Since the ripe age of seventeen it had become a tradition and after the common event we would go out. We had fake ID's to get access to the most lit clubs in our city and we had the time of our lives back in the teenage days. That was until my mother found out what we had been doing every Saturday and I sometimes still heard her screaming at me these days. It was traumatizing to say the least.

We were discussing the relationship between Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber when a package arrived. I didn't remember ordering something online, so I carefully opened it. A black, shiny box with the Apple logo reflected the artificial lights of my lamps and I gasped. When I unpacked the box, a MacBook with a blush marble cover appeared.

"What did I do to deserve this, God?" I asked as I dramatically looked up to the ceiling.

"What's that?" Sadie curiously asked, where after all the girls surrounded me.

"That's the latest MacBook, how in the world are you able to afford it?" Gwen asked.

"I didn't buy it," I said.

The girls looked at me in confusion and I held up my hands gesturing that I was being for real. I wasn't even able to afford donuts, let alone the most expensive laptop created by Apple. Then I saw a little paper in the corner of the box. I grabbed it, looked at the girls who mouthed and gestured that I should read it out loud.

"Dear Autumn, a little bird told me your old laptop passed away, so I got you this new one. It is optimized to do all kinds of work on, so the newest software shouldn't cause any problems. Hopefully you won't spill water over this one, you doofus. Love, Xavier."

"Aw, where can I order a Xavier?" Lily-Rose asked.

"Chris who?" Valentina said in a British accent, "Oh, I think I love Xavier more than you do."

"That's really sweet of him," Sadie smiled, "he seems to care about you."

"It doesn't mean anything to him. It's just a matter of money," I said.

"You doofus, of course this means something. It means that he cares about you and your laptop," Lily-Rose took place on my couch and filled her glass again. "I brought some shots."

She took the bottle out of her purse and put it onto my table. I grabbed some shot glasses from the kitchen and sat with the girls.

"He left me alone the other day. He ran off to the toilet and left via another exit, so I wouldn't see him," I explained.

"That's strange. What was the matter?" Fadoua asked as she drank her coke.

"I don't know. He seemed to feel unwell all of the sudden, then he stood up, told me to not follow him and left the shop. He posted a picture on his Instagram half an hour later and didn't pick up when I called him. And now he sends me this."

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