twenty-one | the discovery of the disease

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author's note: this chapter was incredibly hard for me to write, so if it's a bit off, don't judge me lol

author's note: this chapter was incredibly hard for me to write, so if it's a bit off, don't judge me lol

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ALL I REMEMBERED WAS CONFUSION AND HORROR. I less or more blacked out when Xavier suddenly opened his eyes wide open and tried to get up. He looked at me and shook his head, saying that I shouldn't have done all that effort. The nurses arrived and took Xavier and me with them.

november 1st
the royal london hospital, england

Waking up in an infirmary was something that never occurred before, except for that one time when my mother decided to give birth to me. Visiting a hospital had always been a chilly experience due to the smell of pure alcohol and the ambiance of death. Being at place where people died was something I tried to avoid as much as possible. It also reminded me of the times when my grandmother was sick and we used to visit her. My mother, my father, young Blanche and I would stand in this circle around the bed as we all held her hands. I remembered the things she said to me right before she passed away.

            "Good morning sunshine," I heard a creaking, deep voice beside me, "the beds in the Royal London Hospital aren't as royal as I thought."

I turned my head and saw Xavier. Memories of the night before flashed through my mind. How he laid there as if he was a dead man, how there was no pulse nor heartbeat going through his body. How I could almost feel his lungs through his skin and bones, because I pushed so hard into his chest with both my hands.

I realized I was in a hospital bed as well. Just when I was about to say something, a nurse walked into our room with a concerned face.

            "Good morning Ms. Morris and Mr. Montgomery," she said.

            "Ehem... Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Morris," Xavier corrected her.

            "Sorry," she apologized, "you must be utterly confused by what exactly happened last night."

            "Yes," I said, "I remember saving Xavier's ass, but why am I here?"

            "You passed out the second Mr. Montgomery awoke, ma'am. Fortunately, the ambulance service was there right in time. Nothing is wrong with you, though, just a loss of oxygen due to the amazing CPR you performed. You can leave the hospital whenever you're ready."

            "Thank God," I sighed out of pure relieve.

            "Mr. Montgomery on the other hand... Is Ms. Morris a relative, perhaps?"

            "She's my girlfriend," Xavier said.

            "No, I'm not," I said.

            "She is, we just had a little fight last night. We'll be fine. Why though?"

The nurse seemed to have a hard time telling Xavier what was going on. She held a record closely to her chest and bit her lip.

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