six | the list of hoe's

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october 16th
london, england

IT WAS DEVASTATING TO SEE MYSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE OF 'LIST OF GIRLS XAVIER MONTGOMERY HAS HAD SEX WITH'. Every British newspaper or online magazine wrote about it. When I saw a picture taken this morning on my way to Xavier's driver in the article, my jaw dropped onto the floor and never re-established itself. Never had I been in the center of attention nor had I ever looked so undeniably ugly in a photo. The description read: this precious woman left Montgomery's apartment this morning. Looks like she had quite a rough night, but that doesn't take her beauty away. Are melanin goddesses like this his new type, or will he stick to the blondes?

"That's a long list," Sadie gasped.

"I know," I sighed deeply, "everyone will recognize me as one of the fifty. Xavier certainly didn't tell me about the consequences before our session."

"At least you look pretty in the picture," Lily-Rose said.

"She actually looks like a hooker, but that's just my unpopular opinion." Valentina read through the paper and laughed about it.

"Fifty girls in a month." Fadoua was surprised by the large quantity. "That's a lot of sperm, I pity his testicles."

"I hope his germ cells keep dividing until he gets cancer in his balls," I mumbled.

"That's harsh," Fadoua replied.

"Ladies, how about we leave this stupid subject behind," Gwen threw the paper into the bin and clapped in her hands, "and just get dressed already. Listen, Autumn, you're such a beautiful girl and in two days we'll be back in America, so don't let this ruin you."

I got up from the bed and hugged her.

"Thank you, Gwenny."

After hours of getting ready, we eventually arrived at our destination. It was a chic restaurant with many, many tables decorated with candles and of course a jazz band playing to give the whole a gentle ambiance. We would've liked McDonalds better, but we could get used to this.

Mr. Montgomery himself, a woman with dark curls and a tanned skin – I guessed his wife –, a woman with blonde hair who seemed to be a bit older than the rest, a man who sat noticeably close to her with his nose stuck up into the air and a man with light brown hair and a nice smile were already settled in.

"Ladies, I would like to introduce you to my wife; Cassandra, my assistant manager Vicky, her fiancé Jack who is my creative editor, Malcolm my journalist and the one who usually brings up the best ideas to write about and last but not least, Adam, my staff writer."

"Nice to meet you," we all said in harmony.

"Now the ladies; Lily-Rose, daughter of David Chesterfield who is the mastermind behind Pour Les Hommes and Amanda Chesterfield who runs the clothing lines of Jean-ius. Then Autumn, one of the funniest and beautiful ladies I've ever met, Gwen who has such a smart mind, Valentina is the down-to-earth and as how youth like to call them; a chill one, Fadoua is very inspiring and self-conscious and Sadie is very cheerful and positive. It's an honour having you here."

Mr. Montgomery's introduction made me awe a bit. How could a man possibly be that nice to a couple of girls who got way too drunk at a formal party. And one of them fucked his son, but let's forget about that.

We sat down, looked through the dishes on the menu, ordered something random and then started discussing business.

"So, with our next project we want to expand our audience. We researched the statistics and they suggested that half of the men reading BRO-S were in their late thirties, begin forties. We want to create a magazine that attracts younger men and the perfect opportunity is to do that by partnering up with Pour Les Hommes, the best-selling magazine in America," Malcolm said.

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