fifteen | kiss me like you missed me

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october 29th
london city airport, england

THE SECOND I GOT OUT of the airplane, my mother started calling me. I skipped the first times, but when I figured she wasn't going to stop, I picked up.

            "Are you out of your mind!"

            "Hello to you too, mom."

I grabbed a Snickers from my bag and started eating it after picking up my suitcase. I stood there for a couple of seconds merely focusing on my surroundings instead of my furious mother. Last time I was here, Lily-Rose exactly knew the way to the right exit and there were quite a few here. My mother went on and on about how I couldn't drop out of university and things like that. Everything she said immediately left my brain, because no fucks were giving about what she wanted. As Xavier reminded me of, it was my own future I was working for and I didn't want to end up doing something I didn't enjoy, even if I had to disappoint my mom.

When I saw a lot of people walking to one direction – not the One Direction, I wish – I decided to follow them.

            "I gotta hang," I said to my mom before locking my phone and putting it into my pocket. Oh, how she would've been screaming to probably Tom when I ended the call. Although I disliked him, I felt a bit sorry for him at that point.

I followed the crowd of travelers and ended up seeing Xavier to my surprise. He was scanning the people and seemed to be searching for me. I walked closely behind someone else so he wouldn't see me. Every time he saw something that could've been me, his eyes got bigger, but when he realized it wasn't me, his brows furrowed. I took a swift right with my suitcase and quietly walked up to him. There was a tall, intimidating man standing behind him in a black suit with his hands wrapped behind his back. He must've been Xavier's bodyguard.

            "Hi," I said to him.

            "Oh, hello. I didn't see you coming up to me, but the pleasure's mine."

I pulled him into a hug, but he didn't move a muscle. I pulled him a bit closer so that he would react, but he still seemed to be turned to stone.

            "Awkward..." I mumbled when I let go of him.

Then he suddenly grabbed my hips and kissed me. This time, I was turned into stone. All I could think of was that poor bodyguard who had to watch this unforeseen action.

            "People were looking at us. I hope you don't mind," he whispered against my lips when he unconnected them.

            "Warn me next time," I said.

            "Not everything has to be planned out, love." He kissed my forehead and then spun me around to make us look like the cutest couple ever. People around us were indeed looking at us, some were even taking pictures. Overall, they seemed quite pleased to see us together.

As we headed towards the exit of the airport, I slowly stroke my fingers against the front of his hand and then intertwined our fingers. His hands felt soft against mine which made my body temperature increase. Every single touch made me feel some stupid way. I was such a fucking hopeless romantic and it was disgusting.

Xavier didn't look at me and instead stuck his nose even higher into the air.

When we got into the car, I took the lead.

            "You have some explaining to do, sir," I said.

            "And what may that be about?"

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