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october 26thdallas, america

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october 26th
dallas, america

THE EYES NEVER LIED. Pupils minimized or enlarged when he felt certain things, the glow covering the iris was rather lightened and shiny than dark and gloomy. I hated that people thought they knew everything about Xavier Montgomery, while in reality they didn't; they believed the lie he tried to sell. One should always focus on the eyes instead of the body language, they could easily alter the posture to mislead you. What worried me the most was that most celebrities would use their difficulties to amplify the attention media gave them, but Xavier was hiding it all.

It took the paparazzi approximately two days to find out why he was in America. Firstly, all motives guided to me. He had posted a picture of Dallas and people assumed I lived there. It was a smart move of him to distract people from the actual reason he was in Texas. After he had indeed visited me, he was photographed entering the University of Texas MD Anderson which was a hospital in Houston. Everyone was extremely confused, including me.

"Maybe you should give him a call," Gwen suggested.

After school Gwen, Valentina, Sadie and I went to McDonalds to order lunch.

"He wouldn't tell me why he was there. He probably doesn't trust me or something," I replied as I drank from my coke.

"You're in a relationship, of course he has to tell you," Sadie said.

"I don't know if I'm really in for it," I leaned in to whisper, "a fake relationship is not really my thing."

"Clearly it is. You've been in one with Chris for two years." Valentina had a mischievous smile on her face which I wanted to knock off. I threw some fries at her, but laughed about it anyway. She had a point after all.

"I think Autumn is afraid to actually get feelings for Xavier." Gwen shrugged and stuffed her face with a burger. I stopped drinking and looked at her with a disgusted facial expression.

Valentina and Sadie both looked at me questioning. They probably thought the same as Gwen which forced me to come up with an excuse. I would never be able to fall in love with someone like Xavier, someone so cocky and annoying, constantly playing with my needs.

"Making up an excuse?" Gwen asked, "Don't tell me I'm wrong because we all know I'm right. First of all, you had sex with him which means you are attracted to him. Second, without Xavier in your life I'm sure you would still be in a relationship with Chris, you partly got a bit over him because of your constant thoughts about Xavier. Lastly, you can't stop talking about him or anything related to him."

It was fucking awful to hear what was true. I realized that the fucking bitch was stuck in my head ever since we had sex, but I tried to not accept that. I was such an emotionally unstable wreck.

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