twenty-four | xav's surprise party

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december 5thdallas, america

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december 5th
dallas, america


I ENTERED THE BUILDING OF POUR LES HOMMES and everybody working there immediately stared at me. Is that really Xavier Montgomery, I could hear them think, what happened to him? Without offering it any of my attention, I walked straight to the reception where a lovely blonde-haired lady was busy typing. I cleared my throat and she looked up astonished. Her brown eyes appeared to be enlarged and her jaw dropped a bit, followed by her shyly tucking a pluck of straight hair behind her ear.

At least she knew who I was.

"I'm Xavier Montgomery and I'm here for a meeting with Miss Chesterfield."

"Yes," she spoke in an American accent, "there she is."

I turned around and there she indeed was. Lily-Rose walked towards me in a black, silky skirt matched with a blouse with a deeply cut out décolleté in triangle shape. Underneath there was a lace so-called bralette. How I wanted to rip all of that off her body.

"Hello, Xavier," she said as she smiled broadly.

"Miss Chesterfield," I kissed her hand and she giggled like a little girl whose crush just started talking to her. She was very attracted to me, I could see that through body language – Lily-Rose was an obvious girl.

"Call me anything but not Miss."



"Then where are we going, beautiful?"

She giggled again, this time her cheeks even turned red. It was amazing to see how she reacted to how I flirted.

"Upstairs, follow me."

We discussed business and how good the merging idea was going. After our meeting, I moved on to an interview in Texas about Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please and lastly, I dressed up in my hotel for dinner which Lily-Rose invited me for. It felt marvelous being alone for some time, especially since there always were people around in the hospital. I had ordered that my bodyguard couldn't come with me, because I didn't want that. It wasn't like anyone would want to bomb me, that would be such a loss for the world – someone so beautiful and talented as me. Sike.

I sat in the cab, making my way to the destination and couldn't stop looking around me like a paranoid psychopath. It was because of Autumn, I felt like I was going to see her soon, because there were such high chances. I was afraid to see her, because it would remind me of how clever and gorgeous she was. It would remind me of the times I still talked to her and even got to kiss her several times. Our distance was for her very own good, but she wouldn't understand that. Someone like her shouldn't get hurt by someone like me.

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