thirty-seven | the letter

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october 16th, 2019london, england

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october 16th, 2019
london, england

I HAD DECIDED TO START OVER. I moved to London and applied for a new study; journalism. Darius, who had divorced Cassandra after he caught her cheating a couple of months ago, had offered to move in to Xavier's apartment. Although it took a lot of courage, I finally said yes. Moving to London was one of the best choices I had ever made, especially since I was sick of the States. It was hard to leave my friends, but they all were a year older and a year more mature, so they understood. Bubbles also really liked London.

I was busy jamming to Baby Got Back as I cleaned up the apartment – I really did mature, didn't I? – when I discovered a paper I had never seen before between the books in the bookshelf. Without doubting, I grabbed it and blew the dust off it, where after I carefully opened the envelope which had my name on it written in fancy letters. A fall-ish colored paper appeared with handwriting all over it which I immediately recognized; it was Xav's.

My stomach filled itself with a warm feeling and I gasped as I started reading.

Dear Autumn / Summer / Doofus,

It is unlike me to write a goodbye-letter, yet here I am, acting dramatic like Augustus Waters. You have found this letter, congratulations! I suppose you either moved in to my apartment or are here to bring back the memories, both options are very Autumn-ish. Anyway, this imposter of Augustus Waters decided to give the goodbye-letter his own twist. Instead of saying how much I love you in this letter, I had decided to write a whole book for you instead. Check our bedroom, underneath my huge collection of shoes, to find the very first copy of Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins Please. If you've read it and you want the world to know how I feel about you, visit my publisher and talk to him. His name is Ben Grayson and he looks like Ben Affleck, don't remind him of it, he likes Robert D.J. more.

I hope you'll often talk to Heather and Beau, because they both really like you. Sometimes I was afraid that Beau grew an obsession, but he said he was able to control himself. I also have a little surprise for you; when I was in the hospital I got you a scholarship here in London for the best university of journalism. I also guarantee you a job at BRO-S, tell them it was my order to hire you when you apply. 

Don't think too much about me and live your life like the Autumn I know. I'll see you in a while, but before then, stay happy. I hope you create lovely children and that your husband will satisfy you. I know he won't be able to surpass me, so I'm not worrying about that.

Don't let others change you, Autumn. You're too beautiful for that.


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