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dallas, americaoctober 12th

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dallas, america
october 12th

CRIED. Had to hide everything which reminded me of Chris, even my dog, because she and Jack would always play together. Skipped college, because I didn't want to see him. Compared myself to Sophie, stopped myself, but then searched her up on Instagram again. Tried to find happiness in memes. Realized I was more pathetic than my mom told me. Tried to find more memes.

october 13th

Was still crying. Had to consume gallons of water, otherwise I would have died due to dehydration. Hadn't left my bed the whole day, except for the times I stumbled to my kitchen to get myself chocolate and ice cream. Skipped college again. My friends came by, I acted as if I wasn't home and hated myself even more afterwards. Mom broke into my apartment with pizza. She said that at least Chris told me. Imagined him with Sophie. Started crying harder.

october 14th

Woke up feeling better than the days before. Ate the leftovers of the pizza for breakfast. Went to school and saw Chris in the hallways, his smile showed nervosity and guilt. Smiled back, then ran to the restroom to cry again. Friends came by when I was home, took care of my dog and cleaned my apartment. Couldn't wish for better friends, honestly.

october 15th
dfw airport, america

Sadie walked up to us with a happy smile decorating her lovely face. She was the only one who instead of getting fries went to the bookshop.

            "I do not understand how you are always so cheerful," Fadoua said when Sadie sat down with us.

            "She's the type of girl who acts that she's happy all the time, but deep inside she's hella depressed and cloudy," Valentina said as she gave Sadie an investigative scan.

            "No, I got the only depressed one among us a little present." Sadie shoved a package towards me and I thankfully took it.

            "You really shouldn't have done that," I said while I carefully unpackaged.

            "Look what you made her do!" Gwen exclaimed sarcastically, "Autumn's smiling!"

They all started chuckling, but I was amazed by what Sadie gave me. It was a book. Now, no one ever bought me a book, in fact, that was the first time I'd ever received a book. People never awarded me a way to increase smartness.

            "It's the book I couldn't stop talking about," Sadie explained.

            "I've read that one too! The author is Xavier Montgomery, he's such an amazing writer," Lily-Rose added.

            "Xavier Montgomery... He's a model as well, right?" Gwen started looking something up on her phone. I looked at how her black painted nails touched the screen of her black iPhone every time she swiped to scroll.

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