twenty | xav's heartattack

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WE WERE INTOXICATED BY THE POISON OF DESIRE. He put a spell on me when he disembarrassed me from my clothing and had me in his power. Anytime he touched me I could feel the poison making its way through my body via the boiling blood inside my veins. Everything he touched started tingling when he moved on to another spot. Two fingers inside of me, while he kissed my neck and whispered inside my ear how bad he wanted me. How bad he had been wanting me all that time. I wasn't too easy on him though, teasing was something that would keep him motivated to fulfill my needs. When he finally was inside of me it felt better than ever before – he moaned my name and I moaned his. Every time my name would come out of his mouth, we felt close and more intimate. I was all his, but above all, he was all mine. Barriers were broken, naked and infeasible. He made it look like it was magic yet our love would be tragic.

october 31st
london, england

Abstruse mumbling woke me up from my deep sleep. When I opened my eyes, I almost got blinded by flashes of sunlight through the large window. I got greeted by the beautiful view over London and of course the British were wide awake. Surprisingly, Xavier wasn't sleeping next to me. I was alone in his room, in that overpriced, spherical bed of his. I smiled at the thought what we had done last night and I couldn't wait to see him again.

Finally he gave in after fifteen long days. Only two weeks and one day had passed, but it felt like months. It made me realize that I still knew nothing about the infamous writer who I had slept with two times. A part of me listened to Fadoua who told me that maybe I was the one who had given in – he had been trying to get into my pants since the very first day I arrived in London, while the other part listened to Valentina who told me that it was him who had given in.

I decided to take a shower and rinse all the bad thoughts away, but the unintelligible mumbling only got louder in the bathroom which was connected to the bedroom. I tip-toed towards the sound and ended up in the living room. I was so surprised to see all of my girlfriends there that I was doubting if this was real or a dream.

"She's finally awake!" Valentina exclaimed.

"We got you breakfast, sleepyhead." Lily-Rose held up a bag of Starbucks as if it was a Gucci bag she was showing off.

"What the actual fuck," I said, "what- when did you get here? Why?"

"Xavier invited us over for a party tonight, he arranged this for you," Sadie wiggled her brows at me and I couldn't stop smiling.

"He picked us up from the airport like an hour ago, then we went to work," Gwen said, "nice fella, funny chap."

"And very handsome," Sadie added.

I sat down with them and started eating my breakfast. The girls talked about how cool his apartment was and what they had been doing when I was away, but I couldn't stop thinking about last night. All the events were playing over and over again like a broken movie in my head.

"Okay," Fadoua said when she acknowledged my absence, "what happened to you? You're hiding something, but you're making it obvious, dumbass."

I bit my lip and looked at the girls.

"Oh no, you didn't," Fadoua said.

"It's not what I think it is, is it?" Lily-Rose asked.

"A sister got dicked down last night!" Valentina excitedly jumped off the couch and started clapping her hands.

Everyone started cheering and even Fadoua and Gwen laughed. We spent the rest of the day hanging out outside, enjoying Halloween in the busy city of London. People were dressed up and stores were decorated, so we decided to get some decoration for tonight. Back at the apartment, I showed the girls the cookies and cakes Xavier and I had baked, but they didn't seem to care much about it – only how the process itself between us developed.

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