sixteen | versace on the floor

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october 29thlondon, england

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october 29th
london, england

XAVIER'S PARENTS WEREN'T HOME, so we went to their mansion. The jetlag really hit me when I was chilling on their expensive couch, so I decided to get a warm bath to loosen all my tight muscles and let my skin finally breathe. Xavier gave me a tour through the huge bathroom with a circular bath in the middle, gigantic mirror decorated with the most beautiful lamps ever and of course a breathtaking view of the woods behind the mansion.

            "Beautiful, isn't it?" He stood there leaning against the marble wall with gold in it and crossed his arms.

            "Dallas is nothing like this," I said.

I felt the water of the bath before letting my robe dramatically fall onto the floor and getting into the bath tub. Xavier had seen me naked once and I had shaved my whole body before the departure to England – just in case – so there was no shame present.

            "You looked better when I was drunk," he said with a huge grin covering most of his face. Even his eyes had this mischievous twinkle in them, so he must've really liked that comment.

            "Alas, whore's opinions don't matter in society." I closed my eyes and let my body sink into the warm water. It was the perfect temperature, but unfortunately not hot enough to burn the haunting demons out of my soul.

I heard Xavier's footsteps coming closer and closer until it stopped right beside me. It sounded as if he was opening a bottle of wine or champagne, but I didn't bother to open my eyes.

            "Then your mother must feel left out." He handed me what felt like a glass and I sighed.

            "Nice one, what's next? A Fortnite dance?"

He poured in a drink, so I finally decided to open my eyes. Bubbles of an expensive looking champagne caught my eye.

            "Cheers," he said as he raised his glass.

            "Cheers." I raised my glass as well.

He drank the beverage in one time. I watched him refill his glass and drink it again, but I didn't feel the need to insult him, because it was relatable. Sometimes I would drink a whole bottle in five minutes and there was absolutely no one to stop me. Well, maybe my liver could.

            "It's pretty silent in here, isn't it?" he said.

            "Don't talk, I'm trying to relax."

He jumped up and performed a pirouette, where after he started shuffling his feet like I had seen Noah Centineo do once. It was surprising that he had those moves in him, especially since he did nothing else than make silly comments and be stiff all day.

            "Let's take our time tonight, girl," he sung as he closed his eyes and dramatically held his fist in front of his face, acting as if it was a microphone, "above us all the stars are watching."

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