32: Princess & Hon

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u n d e r s p e h l l
Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are you and me.

u n d e r s p e h l lUnexpectedly Bad"This world's main characters are you and me

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There is something magical about love. When you are in love, you have the sudden ability fly in cloud nine. Everything around you are cotton candies and lollipops and sugar and anything sweet. It holds so much power over you. Love is beautiful—and there is an uncountable amount of happiness felt over being loved.

To love, means you have the responsibility of your feelings towards the specific person. Love does not always have to be spoken into words. Action does speaks louder than words—just like how hugs are better than a "you're gonna be okay".

There is so much to say about love as its definition are always different for each person. Love is a blooming sunflowers to those who succeed on giving and taking love. It was a tsunami to those who failed—it hits you hard before it leaves you suffocating for air.

To me, it was the former—the blooming sunflowers.

"How do you like it?" He asked.

He took me to a sunflower garden this morning. The sky was painted in blue as the fresh air stroked my skin gently. Hands intertwined, we walked side by side on the path among the sunflowers.

"It's beautiful." I said softly, looking up to him.

We spent hours adoring the view, walking hand in hand, making out on the grass field. He told me that his father already met his mom, they even took Alyssa to the playground.

"Mom was almost silent the whole time. She even managed to smile even though I know how hard it is for her." He smiled. "I'm so relieved that everything is finally settled."

"So, is she moving back in to your house?" I asked.

"Nah." He shook his head. After a long pause he said, "But, it'll always be open for both mom and Alyssa. Dad said it. Oh, and I'm taking Alyssa to swim at the house tomorrow, you should come."

I was genuinely happy for him. He finally got the happiness he deserved. The smile that was plastered on his face was the kind of smile that you would not want to trade for anything.

This was the thing about love. You could feel the happiness or the sorrow of your significant other in your own self.

My happiness soon died down the moment I opened the door to my house. It was six in the evening when I got home. There sat on the leather couch was my father. My father whom I had not met for years. I adverted my gaze to the figure sat next to him.

"Lisa?" I was not sure if it was really her or not, because I did not remember having a plan with her today.

"Hi." Her voice came out barely in a whisper. She had her hands clasped on her lap. She blinked rapidly before looking somewhere else but my direction.

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