4: Never Treated Right

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u n d e r s p e h l l
Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

A   I   D   E   N

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     I was playing a video game when I heard a knock on my door, I opened the door and saw my step mother.

     "Aiden, your dad wants to see you." She said with a smile "He's in his room."

     "Pfft, what dad?" I said mockingly.

     "Aiden, please be-"

     "Just fuck off and mind your own business, Rebecca."

     I barely called her "mom". Whenever I called her by her name, she seemed hurt. I didn't even feel bad for that. She was not my mother, why the fuck should I called her "mom" or even acted like she was my mom.

     "Aiden, pl-" She was cut off by me who slammed the door shut.

     I sat on the sofa inside my room, trying to focus back on the video game. But, I failed. My mind was so distracted. Those times suddenly appeared in my head again.

     "Aiden, mommy has something for you." She said, while she gently stroked my head as she took a small blue box and handed it to me.

     "What is it, mommy?" I said in excitement as I looked up to my mom who was sitting on my bed next to me, she just smiled and motioned me to open the little blue box.

     I opened the little box and jumped happily on the bed as I saw a red mini car toy inside. "You love cars, don't you?" I nodded. "Look over, there's my name and yours on it." She said while she showed me the back side of the car toy where it had my name and my mom's name written on it.

     Kate and Aiden.

     "Wow, it's amazing!" I said as I hugged my mom, "Thank you, mommy, thank you!"

     "Aiden," She pulled back a little so she could look down at me. "You're going to grow and have a beautiful life, you're going to be happy, you're going to enjoy your life, you're going to be successful."

     I looked at her. Her eyes were teary and I had no idea of what this was all about.

     "You're going to grow to be a gorgeous man, with girls chasing after you. You're going to marry one of them and treat her right. You'll have your own beautiful family. You're going to have kids, watch them grow, and be a respectful husband and dad."

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