19: Mickey & Minnie

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

L   U   N   A

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L   U   N   A

     Kate said that Alyssa was super excited when Kate told her that she was going to Disneyland. I learned that Alyssa had been wanting to go to Disneyland since she was two, but, Kate never had enough money to take her there.

     We had a little conversation when I was picking up Alyssa this morning. Kate told me how she felt like she had failed being a good mother. She said she failed her son and she was going to failed her daughter too. She even told me how she worked over night when Alyssa said she wanted a new plastic tea set or a new tutu or plastic tiaras, she was sick a couple of times because she worked too much but she still managed to do the chores, working, and taking care of her daughter. She said she didn't want her daughter to feel lonely, so she tried to spend most of her time with Alyssa even with papers to work on and a phone on her hands.

     Kate was the perfect example of a perfect mother. She was so gentle, caring, and loving. Her voice was always soft and her touch was very gentle. She was a strong woman. She had a really bad past, it was clear in her eyes, but, she still hadn't gave up. She always covered her face with make-up, people were too busy thinking about themselves to notice what was underneath it.

     The drive to Disneyland was around forty minutes. Alyssa was asleep for about fifteen minutes during the drive. We spent those forty minutes mostly in silence, the only sounds were the songs that was playing. Every now and then, Alyssa would sing along to the songs she knew. Her voice was so cute. She confidently sang without even noticing she got most of the lyrics wrong, sometimes she would just mumbles the song. That was what I like about being a kid. Kids live at the moment without a care in the world. They lived in a little wonderland inside their brains, too pure to notice how cruel this world could be.

     "You have reached your destination." Aiden said in a fake lady voice.

     "Yay!" Alyssa giggled excitedly. "Let's go! Let's go!"

     "Easy there, princess." Aiden smiled at her and got off from the car as I did too. He walked to Alyssa's side and picked her up from the car.

     Once we were inside, Aiden put Alyssa down on her feet. She ran away while jumping and giggled in excitement. Aiden and I ran to her side, we both grabbed each of her hands so we wouldn't lose her.

     "Don't run, Alyssa, you could've fall." I warned her while gently pinched her cheek.

     She giggled and kept on jumping. "I'm in Disneylaaaand!" She looked up to me and then to Aiden. "Hey, look!" She pointed to something ahead of us. She was pointing to two girls that was wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

     "Do you want to get that too?" Aiden asked her.


     Alyssa and I got ourselves Mickey Mouse ears. Mine had a red ribbon and Alyssa had a pink one. It was kind of loose on her head because her head was too small. She looked cute. We even got Aiden one, it was the one that had a Wizard hat attached to it between the round ears.

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