28: So Close, Yet So Far Away

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are you and me."

A   I   D   E   N

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When I was younger I had always wanted my father to be home by dinner every night. When he did, it was like seeing him for the first time all over again. I felt the same happiness, same excitement. That much, because he barely even home once a month. I was too young to notice the look on his face when he stepped into our house. Only now when I looked back was I able to tell that he was never excited or happy to come home. I could still clearly remembered his smile that did not reach his eyes when I ran and his arms that never hold me back when I hugged him.

We were now having an early dinner since James had to be somewhere before seven. This was one of many times that made me really pissed living with people I hated. Them. I was never fond of family dinner. It was a lot easier for me if there were only me and Gretta.

"How was school for you two?" Rebecca had always been the one to break the silence, with the same topic almost every time. There was nothing to talk about with the family. We were living in the same roof, but it felt like living on our own. So close, yet so far away.

"Good." Nathan said.

At times like this, I refused to say anything. Most of the times, being silent was a lot more easier. I had kept my feelings hidden for years and I would admit that it was hard for me to live in the darkness filled with loneliness and sorrow. Was it too pathetic to say that I experienced the feeling too many times that I became used to it?

"You heard what she asked." James snapped me out of my thoughts. I glared at him and tried to focus back on my food. When I did not answer, he stood up and hit the table so hard causing the bottle of wine that was placed near the edge of the table fell over and shattered on the floor. "Aiden!" His face had turned red and no doubt that no one would failed to notice that he was raging in anger. What a sight to see.

I scoffed and laughed bitterly. This was the man who I once called a dad. This was the man who fucking cheated on my mom. This was the man who fucking made her leave! The bitter laughter had died down and all I saw was red. I stood up and hit the table with one fist. "You have no right to fucking raise your voice at me." I said in between gritted teeth.

Rebecca then stood up, followed by Nathan who suddenly stood beside her. James scoffed and laughed, "You're pigheaded and selfish," he paused. "Just like your mother."

With that, I lost it.

I ran to him and punched him square in the face. "Don't you fucking dare to speak of her!" Punch. "You're the one who's stubborn and selfish!" Punch. "You're the one who cheated on her with a fucking married woman!" Punch. "You made her leave." Punch. "You made a boy—me grow up without a mother!" Punch.

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