22: Letting In

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

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"Luna, wait up!" I heard someone calling me when I was walking down the school corridor, heading to the cafetaria. I turned around to see Aiden jogged his way to me.

"Hey." I said once he finally catched up with me.

"I didn't know you write poems." He grinned that made me blushed instantly. Numerous thoughts came into my mind. I was not sure about the poems. Some of them were written when I was fourteen or fifteen, which was very embarassing, and I didn't have enough time to fix them.

"I'm sorry for the crappy gift." I mumbled and I was not sure if he could hear that.

"It wasn't crappy at all." He looked into my eyes, "I love reading it, really." I smiled, ignoring the fact that he could possibly be lying about loving the poems to appreciate what I had made for him. "I've read the first five pages, it made me realize things."

At that moment, I knew he was not lying. "What things?" I asked as we continued to walk.

"All things in life." His tone changed into a serious one as his eyebrows furrowed. His eyes showed a different emotion, it was intense. "You know, those poems you wrote were telling me that there's a whole lot brighter things out there where everything are flowers and sugar, where everything are lights instead of darkness. I'm trying, Luna, I'm trying so hard to break down my walls to see those lights. "

My shoulders stiffen as I stared at him with wide eyes. I opened my mouth and closed it again. I was speechless. Not even once had he opened up to me. It was saddening to know that the strong and fierce Aiden Dominic was struggling with his life.

"I-I don't..." I was indeed speechless and neither did I was prepared to hear this.

"It's okay." He smiled. It didn't quite reach his eyes. He forced a smile. "I was just telling you how much I love your poems." I nodded and smiled.

"So, are you gonna have lunch with me today?" I asked.

"Ofcourse. I wouldn't want to miss the chance of having lunch with Little Miss goody-two-shoes." He winked as we walk to the cafetaria side by side.

After we got our food, we sat on the nearest table to the cafetaria's doors. We were munching our burgers silently without saying any words to each other. Our silence was soon interrupted by a female voice.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" She had ocean blue eyes. I noticed that we shared the same hair color and height. She had freckles on the bridge of her nose, which looked very pretty. She looked unfamiliar, I believed she was a new student.

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