10: Rooftop & Ice Creams

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

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     The sight in front of me was so mesmerizing. The road was surrounded by tall buildings, cars were passing by, it always seemed so busy. The trees were dancing along with the wind accompanied by the chirping birds. If only my life was as cheerful as the chirping birds and as full of joy as the dancing trees.

     "Ice cream?"

     I flinched when I heard a voice sounding so close to my ear. The voice was very familiar. It was the voice that always gave me butterflies whenever I hear it. Standing there beside me was Aiden with two ice creams on each of his hands.

     "H-huh?" I blinked rapidly, snapping back to reality. "Oh." I took the cookies and cream flavored ice cream from his hand. He then sat beside me on the bench.

     "You came here often?" he asked.

     He was referring to the school's rooftop. To be honest, it was my most favorite part of the school. Here, was the most peaceful place, there was always no disturbance or any annoying sound. The sight was beautiful and the breeze was relaxing. Most of people came here to chill and relax, I came here often to refresh my mind.

     "Yeah." I answered simply before eating the ice cream.

     "Why?" he turned his head to look at me, "Why did you came here often?"

     Turning my head to him, I was flustered of how close our faces were. I took the chance to examine every part of his face, from his strong jawline, to his plump lips, and then my gaze stopped on his brown eyes. Staring deep into his eyes, realizing how beautiful they were, and I was suddenly lost.

     "You have such beautiful eyes." he said. So he was staring at my eyes too.

     Your eyes are beautiful too.

     I wished I could stare at it forever. I wished I could say it out loud.

     "Uh, thanks." I smiled, looking down to my feet, still eating my ice cream.

     "So, back to my question, why did you came here often?"

     He was so confusing. One day he was so cold, one day he was a gentleman-sweet. He did not talk to me for the past two weeks and now he was trying to make a conversation. What does he wants?

     "Does it matters to you?" I asked. He was a little taken aback of how rude I sounded.

     "No. I was just curious." he said. There was silence before he continued, "So, about yesterday....."

     About yesterday?

     Oh. The incident with Shelby and my ex bestfriends on the cafetaria.

     I laughed.

     "What?" he asked.

     "So, this is your way of apologizing?" I laughed, looking at the ice cream that was on my hand.

     How sweet of you, Aiden.

     "Hey, you like ice cream. Why laughing?"

     "I thought the word "apologize" was never on your dictionary." I said, before finishing my ice cream.

     He chuckled.

     "How did you know my favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream?" I asked.

     "Remember the night when we met on the street? When I told you that I had a problem with my dad?" he said. "You were carrying cookies and cream ice creams inside a plastic bag on your hand."

     I chuckled as I remembered that night. The night when we actually touched for the first time. The night when he told me he had a problem with his dad before missing from school for two weeks.

     "Why didn't you come to school after that night, Aiden?" I asked and he doesn't say anything. "Was it your dad?" he nodded.

     I had this feeling that Aiden and his dad is not having a good relationship. This kind of explained why he was rebelling. They say that those kids with broken home are tend to rebel a lot. This also explained why Aiden had a problem with controlling his emotions.

     "He never loved me, Luna. No one ever does. I was always all alone. My own dad, the only blood-related family I have left, doesn't care about me. I've been all alone for years. No one to take care of me. I have never felt what it's like to have a caring father. I want to feel it again; having a loving mother."

     I was taken aback of how bluntly he said it. Aiden Dominic just opened up to me. He was never the type to tell his stories to other people, especially when it comes to his family. He had never, not even once, mentioned about his family. Except that night on the street when he said he had a problem with his dad. Wow, should I feel special?

     But, why? Why did he tell me? Even though he didn't say it specifically, it was still very unlike Aiden. Did he trust me? Did he trust me that much to be able to open up to me? I did nothing to him, we didn't talk much, we didn't really know about each other. And suddenly he trusted me?

     I rubbed his arm, trying my best to calm him down. One question lingered in my head that moment: what had actually happened to his family?

     There was silence before I decided to break it with the question that had been stuck in my mind for so long. "What's up with you, Aiden?" I asked softly, and he looked confused. "You were so cold to me the other day, and now you're here talking to me like we've known each other for so long."

     He kept silent.

     He turned his head to my direction. Again, the close distance between us made my heart stopped beating for a second and whenever he stared into my eyes, I forgot how to breathe. The feeling that I was feeling towards him was absolutely confusing. It was so unclear and I did not even know what this is.

     "I don't know, Luna." he ran his hand through his hair and gently pulled his hair. "I don't get what's up with me too." he seemed so frustrated.

     I gently grabbed his hand from his hair. "Hey, it's okay. I was just asking." I said, ignoring the electricity when I touched his hand.


     With that, he stood up and left. And I was alone again.

     But, I was glad I learned another thing about him today; he was not always the cold Aiden that everybody knew, he was sometimes the sweet Aiden that only I knew.

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