23: Brown Hair, Green Eyes, and a Heart Beat

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u n d e r s p e h l l
Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

A   I   D   E   N

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I felt really bad for my behavior. It was a big deal for Luna to make new friends, and I was being rude to her new friend. That new girl interrupted us. It should had been the time for me and Luna to be alone. There was so much more things I wanted to say to her. I was still wanting to know about the poems and her story.

I had grown more attached to Luna. Slowly, the old me was starting to make an appearance. How could I laugh? How could I be gentle to her? How could I be...happy? Laugh, gentle, happy. Those three words were long gone. It was never been me since a long time ago. She brought it back, without realizing and without me knowing.

I thought that only my mom could bring happiness back to my life. So, I waited and waited for her to come back. But, she never did. And I was wrong. It was not just her. Who would have thought that an innocent girl with brown hair, green eyes, and a heart beat could make me feel so alive.

I was laying down on the living room couch, staring at the ceiling, with my hands under my head. My thoughts soon interrupted by the voice that I hated with a passion. "How was school?" There was a smile in her voice. I remained silent. I closed my eyes and tried to focus back on the thoughts of the green-eyed girl. And again, she decided to interrupt me. But, this time, the topic had caught my attention.

"Who's that girl that came on your birthday?" She asked. I forgot to mention that she gave me a present on my birthday. It was deigner shoes. I must admit that I liked the shoes. Although, I didn't expected that from her and I didn't even want to see her on my birthday, at least she treated me like I was visible. Unlike, my dear sperm donor. But, that still didn't make me hate her any less. I hated fake affection.

"None of your business." I snapped at her and sat on the couch. I stared at the pitch black screen on the TV for a while before I decided to go upstairs. But, halfway to the stairs, I heard the devil's voice again.

"She's really pretty. I rarely see you bring any girl or anyone besides the usual boys home." I turned to her and she gave me a smile. "I'm glad you finally make more friends."

"Listen here, Rebecca," She flinched. "I don't need your fucking sympathy. How many times do I have to tell you that?"

"That's not how you are supposed to talk to your mother." It was his voice this time.

"How many times do I have to tell you that she's not my mother? That she will never ever be my mother." I gritted my teeth as I clenched my jaw.

"Will you ever stop giving me the attitude, you good-for-nothing son?!" He raised his voice and that was it; I lost my temper. I threw the glass that was on the table to the floor, right in front of him.

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