27: Remembered

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are you and me."

A   I   D   E   N

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A   I   D   E   N

     "Goodmorning." Gretta greeted me as I walked into the kitchen.

     "Morning." I smiled at her and sat down on the breakfast table. Gretta served me bacon and eggs. "Can I get apple juice?"

     "Sure." She smiled sheepishly. "Why are you such in a good mood today?"

     "Why? Am I not allowed to?" I smiled again, looking down at my bacon.

     "You're rarely in a good mood." She stated the fact. It was true. I was rarely happy. Every morning I would just wake up and be grumpy all day. I would walk into the kitchen, eat breakfast without saying anything beside greeting her good morning, and go back to my room or go to school. I was always frowning and only saying things when needed, or did not say anything at all. "Was it the girl?"

     "Mmhm." I grinned while still eating my breakfast.

     She gasped dramatically. "Are you dating her? The girl that came with the boys a while back?"


     "Were you even planning not to tell me, young boy?" She put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot on the floor.

     "I was going to tell you, but never had the right time."

     "Would you like to tell me the details?" She was fifty something yet she still act like an eighteen years old. She sounded like girls' crazy bestfriends who needed every detail of literally everything that was going on on their bestfriends' life.

     "We were never on a speaking terms before. I met her for the first time when she got bullied and I came to rescue her, she just thanked me and ran away. She looked so vulnerable and lonely then. I couldn't help but wonder, why would a such sweet girl be looking so lonely? Her eyes were slightly dimmed, as if she had thunderstorms on all her life. We never speak to each other after that. Sometimes we sneak glances to each other on the hallway, class, cafetaria, but that was it.

     "Then, there was this one time that actually took us to where we are now. She stepped into one of my fights, she looked hesitant at the time, but there was something else in her eyes that I failed to tell. I was such a jerk towards her, I snapped at her and humiliated her in front of almost half of the student body. And I haven't apologized yet.

     "We spoke to each other a little more, somehow. I think it just came out naturally." I smiled, looking down, playing with my fork.

     "Sounds like you're really into her." A new voice was heard. I turned around to see Rebecca who was standing and holding a vase of flowers.

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