9: Dear Shelby Williams

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

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Do you know how it feels to lose someone so important to you? Someone who grew up with you and someone who have been through a lot with you.

The feeling of emptiness when they left; they are the people who cheer you up when you are feeling down, they are the people who stood up for you, they are the people who's always on your side either you're right or wrong. But then they disappear in a blink of an eye. No one to cheer you up, no one will stood up for you, no one will be on your side anymore.

The feeling of disappointment; you trust them so much that you doesn't know that they'll leave you one day, and even if they did, it would still be unbelievable for you.

The feeling of feeling bad about yourself; when people turn their back from you, what you could think of is why? and the answer in your mind would always be "because I'm not good enough for them."

That's exactly how it felt. People have their own choice to leave or to stay. But, friends don't turn their back from each other. They aren't supposed to.

It all started from my freshmen year, a year ago, at Lakewell High's cafetaria.

"Hi, guys, may I join you?" a blonde girl with perfectly tanned body approached us before the bell rang when we sat on our chairs in Biology.

"Sure." Michelle said, "Make room guys."

The table was round and there was one more seat left.

"So, how's your first day?" Michelle asked.

"Oh my God, guys, I swear there's no cute boys in my classes so far." Caitlyn whined before taking a mouthful of her mashed potatoes.

"Geez, Caitlyn, it's only the first day and you've only been to two classes. You'll find one soon." Nicole rolled her eyes.

There was silence before the blonde girl cleared her throat.

"I'm Shelby, by the way." she smiled.





"Wonderful." Shelby said while smiling widely.

Ever since that day, Shelby started to go out with us; sleepovers, shoppings, girls night outs, spa, and almost everything teenage girls do. Everyday we got closer and we were enjoying our time together.

Shelby got so famous and so do we. There were the five of us and we were very famous. We were the type of clique that everybody would make way for us when we were passing through, we were the clique that every girls want to be in.

Here was where the problem begin.

Shelby started to join the cheerleaders, along with Nicole, Michelle, and Caitlyn. They offered me a couple of times to join the team with them, but I declined the offer.

I had never liked being on the cheerleaders team. I had never liked such big attention. I wanted a normal life. I wanted people to look at me the way they look at a friend, I did not want them to be scared of me. I wanted them to treat me as an average person.

They started to hang out with their cheerleaders squad more often and I was left behind. Less sleepovers, less girls night outs, less movie nights, less stories. Until there were none.

Day by day, they were getting further away from me. And I was being more scared; scared that they will eventually left me, scared that I will lose my bestfriends.

One day, I put my guts together and dared myself to tell them how I really felt. I had my hope high up in the sky; we were going to be the way we used to be. So, with my head held high and confidence, I approached them and told them how I felt all these times.

"We were one, guys. This whole cheerleading squad is messing up our friendship. Where are my old bestfriends? Am I not important to you guys anymore? Is our friendship not important anymore? Is this cheerleading squad became more important to you cause it brings you fame? We were one. We were one. Trust me, fame, is not what will make your life a lot more meaningful than it already is."

Their response was what hurt me the most.

"We tried to get you into the squad, Luna, you simply declined the offer. It's not our fault that our friendship has ruined. And don't you dare to blame the squad for this. We're more happy to spend our time with them, more parties than pathetic sleepovers, more drinks than lame fruit squash, more fun people than uptight one. Better stay away from us, you're no where near our lane anymore."

It wasn't the only problem. The next problem that I was about to tell you is the main problem why.

It was also last year Shelby and her friends was picking on me. She told her guy friend to punch me because I accidently spilled my mineral water to her textbook. It was so painful. He was about to throw another punch when a tall figure appeared and punched him. He told them to leave me alone. I thanked him and then I ran away. And that was my very first encounter with him; my very first encounter with the mysterious boy; my very first encounter with Aiden Dominic.

Shelby was so upset, and still upset. Her jealousy got the best of her. Because the guy that saved me that day is her ultimate crush, Aiden Dominic.

After that day, they started hating me more, picking on me more often, and made my school life a living hell. Shelby provoked them to hate me the way she does. She wad the kind of person that doesn't want to suffer alone, she was the kind of person that would do everything that would make the person she did not like suffer more than her.

     And trust me, it was not only her. I was sure you know at least someone in your life who act the same.

I had always wanted to say this; Dear Shelby Williams, you're no more than a pathetic bitch that made someone else's life miserable for your own happiness. And I will.

Shelby Williams, you stole my bestfriends.

♕♕♕♕♕ thank you ♕♕♕♕♕

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