6: Me Vs. The Whole Class

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

L   U   N   A

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L   U   N   A

     I hadn't seen Aiden since this morning. Something must had happened to him and his dad. I was starting to get worried so I talked to Tristan after lunch.

     Tristan said that Aiden probably wouldn't be attending school today. He said he didn't see him since first period and Aiden hadn't texted or called him too. I suddenly remembered what happened yesterday.

     "What happened to you? You look awful."

     "It was just my father."

     Maybe he had a fight with his father.

     I had a crush on Aiden on freshmen year. No one could deny that he was really good-looking, he was muscular and charming, definitely every girls' crush. Even though he had always pushed people away and never really talked to anyone, I always believed that there was a reason behind this. When everyone thought he was selfish and rude because of what he had; rich parents and everything he wanted, I, on the other hand, thought that he was broken and lonely. I wanted to help him so bad.

     But, it was a year ago and I was sure that I didn't have any feelings for him anymore. I shouldn't be worried, I had no reason to be worried.

      "Is Aiden Dominic absent again today?" Mr. Lawson said.

     I could tell that Mr. Lawson didn't really like Aiden. Aiden had always messed up at Biology and often skipped Mr. Lawson's class. The hate was mutual, I believed. Aiden seemed like he hated Mr. Lawson too. But, for your information, Aiden always ranked fifth and never lower than that at school. For a messed up kid like him, even ranked tenth at school would really be great.

     "That kid never failed to boil up my anger." Mr. Lawson muttered loud enough for me to hear.

     "He's sick, Mr. Lawson. He's not able to make it to school today." I said to him and the whole students turned their head to my direction.

     "And how do you know that?" A girl in front of me snapped at me.

     "What are you? His new nanny or something?" Caitlyn said in a mocking tone and earned a laughter from the other students. "You clean up his house and cook for the Dominics? How much did they pay you per month?"

     "Um, no. Tristan told me this morning."

     "She talks to Tristan? As in Tristan Mason? How? She's no where their level anymore." Another girl in the class muttered loud enough for the whole class to hear and that, my friends, hurt the most.

     As you know, Tristan didn't actually said that to me but I needed to make an excuse to Mr. Lawson for Aiden unless he was going to have a lot more trouble.

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