1: Glances

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Hi, guys,
So, this is the first chapter of my first book. I'm sorry for any mistakes.
Please give it a chance

- underspehll


u n d e r s p e h l l
Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are you and me."

L   U   N   A

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"Good," Mr. Lawson paused to look at his watch, "morning, students."

"Morning, Mr. Lawson." We said in unison.

In the middle of the lesson, the door burst opened, and there stood a person; a boy, blonde hair, tall, bruised cheekbone, ripped jeans, black hoodie over plain white shirt, black converse, and a black backpack hung over his shoulder.

Aiden Dominic.

Mr. Lawson stopped his speech and turned his head to the direction of the opened door, "Late again, Dominic?"

He walked closer to Mr. Lawson, "Late pass," He said handing the teacher a paper, "Just went for a little bit of talk at the counselor's office."

"Another case, huh, Dominic?" He said while reading the paper then look back at him, "Not surprised. What did you do this time?"

"Just punched an asshole, can I sit now?" He said and earned a nod from Mr. Lawson as a respond.

Aiden started walking to his seat, which is right at the corner back of the classroom. His usual seat. No one would ever dare to sit on that chair, because they knew that it was his chair, and he was a bit scary. Well, not a bit, but he really was scary.

He was really sensitive. He got mad easily, he just went off hitting people when he's mad. By "hitting" I mean he was not just punching them, but breaking their nose, arms, and jaws as well. No one could stop him when his anger took over him. I guessed he got a major anger management issues.

I was looking at him, well, it was not my fault that I was looking at him, I mean, everyone did. He came late to class, he drew attention himself. Then our eyes meet. He was looking right into my eyes for a couple of seconds before turning his head to the direction of his seat.

Whenever he looked at me, his stares were different. Those brown eyes of his turned darker whenever it stares right into my very own eyes. Did it meant hatred? or love? or something else?

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