11: Nothing

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

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A week ago Mrs. Daniels, our principal, announced a school trip to New York City. Every sophomore were required to go. Guess what was the only thing that made me excited for this trip! Yup, you're probably right; Aiden will be there too.

We were gathered in the main hall, an hour and a half until our departure. My eyes immediately searched for Aiden. I caught a glimpse of Jackson and then my eyes landed on a figure that is standing right behind him. Unknowingly, a smile slowly appeared in my face.

Mrs. Daniels is up on the stage and would like to say a few words before we go.

"Good morning, students of sophomore year."

"Morning, Mrs. Daniels." we said in unison.

"So, as you know, today we're going to New York City," she said and the students began to cheer before she continued and announced our schedules for the next three days.

It would be a three days trip with three destination; The Statue of Liberty on the first day in New York City and The Cloisters and Federal Hall National Memorial on the second day. Sounds boring, I know. But, we would be free on the third day. We were allowed to go to any places we wanted, as long as it was still in New York City.

"The seats on the bus will have your names labeled on it, all of you are required to sit on the seats with your names on it. This will be applied for the next three days trip." Mrs. Daniels announced.

As soon as she announced the seating arrangement, me and Hailee immediately looked at each other with disappointment. We might not be sitting with each other on the bus. It would be a total boredom without Hails. I pouted.

Mrs. Daniels then continued by explaining the place we would be staying in. Each cottage would be occupied by four people. She had mentioned who would be sharing a room with who and their room numbers. I felt relieved when she announced that I would be sharing a cottage with Hailee, Samantha, and Rose, the girls from my math class that I was not really close with.

A few minutes later our bus arrived and we head off to the airport. It would be around seven to nine hours flight to New York City. On the plane, I took a seat beside Hailee for the next couple of hours flight.

We were arrived in New York City a couple of hours later. Then, we took a bus to the cottage. That was when I found out that my name was labeled on the seat beside the guy who would not leave my mind since a year ago.

The ride to the cottage was kind of awkward. We caught each other looking at one another a couple of times before looking away.

When we arrived at the cottage, I looked out the surroundings. It was a really beautiful place, with lots of beautiful flowers in front of every cottage. A grassland were wide open in the middle of the cottages. There was a river under a bridge near the cottages.

We placed our stuffs inside our cottages. We had a ten minutes break before we have to gather on the main hall. I took my time to use the bathroom and do a little touch up for my make up.

Samantha and Rose were already gone to the main hall a couple of minutes ago. Hailee and I were about to go to the main when Ray and Aiden appeared from the cottage next to us. I was locking our cottage and grabbed Hailee's hand when Ray called. "Hails, Luna!"

We turned to see a grinning Ray and Aiden who stood there with his hands in his jeans pockets. Ray slowly approached us, followed by Aiden.

"Glad to know we'll be staying next to these beautiful ladies for the next three days." Ray said, still with a grin on his face.

"Yeah. That'll be a nightmare for us." Hailee said after rolling her eyes.

Ray simply ignored her. Then, the four of us went to the main hall and we went straight to The Statue of Liberty.


It was very peaceful here; only the sound of the night and the streaming water in front of me. I was enjoying the cold windy night, leaning against the railings of the bridge that's located a couple of feets away from my cottage.

I heard shuffling sounds beside me and turned my head to its direction. Aiden was leaning on the railings beside me. He was so close, the side of our bodies touched. I waited for him to say something, but he didn't, so I decided to break the silence. "What do you think about our trip to The Statue of Liberty today?"

He turned his head to look at me, his brown eyes staring deep into my green one. "You're really bad at starting a conversation, I see." He then chuckled and I found myself laughing.

"You're not so good yourself either." I said between laughs.

"Right." he chuckled again before continuing, "Try make a more interesting conversation."

"Um....So, why did you quit the basketball team?" I asked and secretly hoping that he will think that this is a more interesting topic.

"Didn't feel like staying." he simply said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Father." he then hesitated for a moment, "and everything else."

Sensing that he didn't want to be in this conversation anymore, I kept silent even though I still wanted to know the exact reason. We were both looking down to the streaming water and enjoying the silence. From the corner of my eye I saw him moved, turning his head towards me, so I did the same. For the second time, his face was so close to me. He did nothing but staring into my eyes. He did this quite often, little did he know this action of his always set my heart on fire.

It felt like an eternity, just staring into each others eyes, searching for an answer; an answer to the questions that had been lingering in my mind for quite a while now, an answer to the question of why our actions are different when we were with each other, an answer to the question of why our bodies stiffen when we touch, an answer to the question of why our heart beats a hundred time faster than it used to when we stand too close to each other. An answer to the questions that until now, nobody knew the answer.

"What?" I said barely in a whisper.

"What?" he said in a whisper.

"Why are you keep doing that?" I said, I stared into his eyes and I can see the confusion in it. "Why did you keep staring at me like that?" I repeated clearer.

And just like the other days, his answers were always, "I don't know.". He never knew the answers to my questions. It seemed like he did not even know what he was feeling. It was like he, himself was also trying to figure out the answer.

A blink of an eye later, he left without saying anything. It had always been like that. He was always the one to leave without a word.

I got to admit that I felt the exactly same way. The vague feelings I felt about him; the way my mind always failed to find the right words to say when he was around, the urge to hold him close when he was feeling down, the unbearable feelings when he ignored me. I did not have a single clue of what it actually was. Well, sometimes I thought it was love.

But what did I know about love? Nothing.

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