24: Under the Stars

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u n d e r s p e h l l
Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

L   U   N   A

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I tapped my finger on my lips, smiling widely, not believing what just happened. I was laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about the kiss and the fact the we liked each other.

My phone beeped, I unlocked my phone and saw an unread message from Aiden. My heart was beating so fast as I quickly opened the message.

Aiden: Are you asleep?

Me: Nope. Wide awake.

Aiden: Thinking about me?

I swore I could see the smirk on his text.

Me: I could tell you're doing the same :p

Aiden: Damn right.

I blushed.

Aiden: You're cute when you blush.

My eyes widen in shock. Where did this playful Aiden came from?

Me: How do you know I'm blushing?

Aiden: You're too predictable, babe ;)

Babe. I liked the sound of that.

Aiden: Are you free tomorrow after school?

Me: Yep. I live a boring life lol

Aiden: It won't be boring from now on. You have me ;)

He must be grinning right now.

Me: What's with the winky faces??

Aiden: ;) ;) ;)

Aiden: We're going somewhere tomorrow after school.

Me: Where?

Aiden: Where's the fun in that if I tell you where we're going. Girls love surprises, don't they?

Are we going out on a date?

Me: Yeah, yeah. Goodnight.

Aiden: It's a date. Night, babe <3

The. Heart. Emoji. Though.

Today was indeed special. It was magical. I turned off my phone and fell asleep with the thought of Aiden that night. I couldn't wait for tomorrow

I woke up the next day without my alarm. I was too excited for today. I'll going out on a date for the first time! I played a song from my phone and danced around the room. The door burst opened, my mom stood on the doorway with furrowed eyebrows. I quickly turned off the song and smiled sheepishly at her. She smiled back.

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