33: Evening Breeze

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are you and me."

L   U   N   A

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L   U   N   A

     Mr. Lawson was in the middle of lecturing the class when my phone vibrated on my desk. It was rude to play with your phone when someone was talking, so I decided to ignore the texr and open it later. It vibrated again...and again. Could it be my mom, considering that I just had the talk with her boyfriend? I sighed and open the text. My eyebrows furrowed as I read the sender, it was unknown.

     I left something on your locker, stop by after class.

     My first suspect was Aiden. I turned around to see Aiden sitting at the back, as usual. His eyes were closed and there was no sign of his phone on his desk or anywhere in my reach to see.

     The class—or should I say, the lecture ended a few minutes after. I took one last glance at Aiden before walking out of the class, he smiled when he saw me. The way he smiled decreased my suspicion of him beinf the unknown sender, it was as if he did not know anything. I quickly made my way towards my locker. I bumped to Hailee on the hallway, she did not say anything, she just...grinned. So suspicious.

     This isn't my birthday, is it?

     As soon as I unlock my locker, I noticed a single rose with a baby blue envelope. Nothing was written on the envelope, it made me more curious. I took out and unfold the letter inside, it said:

     Damsel in Distress.

     Questions were beginning to cloud my mind. Was the sender signaling me that she/he was needing help or indicating that I was the one who needed help? For the latter, I was pretty sure I was not in any kind of trouble. I did not need any help.

     "Hey." I felt Aiden whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. There was silence before he finally spoke up, "who is that from?"

     "I...don't know." I furrowed my eyebrows even more.

     "Let me see." He grabbed the letter and raised his eyebrows. "Damn, someone's trynna be mysterious." He fold the letter and handed it to me. "I swear, if somebody's trying to hit on you-"

     "He/she's not hitting on me, Aiden. Look, it said "Damsel in Distress", does it sound like a pick-up line or something?" He sighed. "See, far from it."

     "Just don't mind the letter. If you happen to feel something strange, tell me right away, okay?" He cupped my face with his hands. "Anyway, I'll drive you home after school." He put his hands against the locker on either side of my head. He leaned in and captured my lips with his own. I tried to ignore the possibility of having hundreds pair of eyes watching us. He pulled me closer to him and ran his hand up and down my spine. Our lips moved in synch as our breaths became heavier. He pulled away and pecked my lips a couple times before completely pulling away. "Meet you at the parking lot?" I nodded.

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