21: A Hundred Poems

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u n d e r s p e h l l
Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

A   I   D   E   N

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A   I   D   E   N

     After they went home, I told one of the maids to bring the presents upstairs to my room. I remembered Alyssa had requested for me to open her present first. It was not hard to find her present since a glittery box caught my eye. I had learned that she lovrd sparkly and glittery things so much.

     Inside the box was a doll. It was wearing a pink princess dress with a crown on the head. The hair was tied into pigtails and it was holding a microphone. There was a button on the mic. I pressed it lightly and I chuckled when I heard Alyssa's voice. She was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. There was a pink note inside the box that read: happy birthday aiden can you hear me singing i'm sure you can you just have to press the red button i give you this because i want to sing to you every night so you can sleep well and have magical dreams i love you. She drew a heart at the end of it. I could tell it was written by herself, judging by the messy handwriting and the missing punctuations.

     It was so cute, I kept smiling while listening to her singing and reading her note.

     Tristan gave me a handwatch. There was a note glued to the wrapper that said, "-Tristan". Typical him.

     Ray's present was the biggest one. I opened the wrapper to find another wrapper that said: Keep on going :b. He wrapped my present with lots of wrappers. I was starting to think that it was a prank and there was nothing inside. I had my hopes back when I felt something hard and rectangular under the very last wrapper. iPod. There was a note attached to the iPod's box that said: Dude, remember when I dropped yours into the aquarium? Well, here it is. I got you a brand new one. And gee, FYI, this one's is way more expensive than the old one. So take a good care of it! Peace!

     Jackson gave me boxers. All of them were bright pink. Each one had prints on it. The first one had eggplants printed on it, the second was rubber ducks, the third was spongebobs, the fourth was yellow emojis, the last one said "STRIP IT DOWN, LADIES". I instantly rolled my eyes. This was going to be the most useful present ever. Hint the sarcasm.

     Last was the one from Luna. It was a dusty cream-colored notebook with wooden-textured hard cover. There was 'To Aiden Dominic' written on the front cover, on the top of it attached a picture of me, Luna, and Alyssa at Disneyland. I smiled as I recalled the memory.

     Slowly, I opened the book. There was a black paper glued to the first page, I smiled when I read it.

"To: Aiden Dominic
Happy 18th Birthday!
What's inside this book holds
thousands meaning for me.
I've been going through my
journey of life with it.
I've been pouring my soul
into it.
I write one poem on a page
each time I'm feeling down,
I re-wrote a hundred of my
uncountable poems on this
book you're holding right now.
I wanted to give this to you,
because I wanted you to know
that there's a bright future
ahead of you, and
that you never have to
give up."

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