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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are you and me."

eight years later

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eight years later...

L   U   N   A

     Life is not always exactly what it seems. It is not always rainbows and sunshines as you expected it to be. There will be thunderstorms as the blue sky faded into grey, strucked by lightning and the calm blue ocean roars under it. Life is a choice. Some people would act as a cheerful person to hide the thunderstorms raging inside their chest. Some decided to be a bitch about it.

     I realized that there really was always a reason behind everything.

     Like, when I heard Shelby cried in the toilet stall because her parents decided to get a divorce and she was forced to move out to Chicago, leaving everything behind. I patted her head and let her cry on my shoulder. Odd, I know. But, sometimes you just got to forgive and understand. Despite everything they have done to you.

     People like Aiden and myself are the ones that chose to shut the world out and let the thunderstorms slowly take us away from ourselves. No matter how badly I wanted to let it all out.

     I had this dream of me standing still on the edge of a cliff and screamed at the top of my lungs. I screamed the pain away. I screamed out everything I wanted to say and nothing happened. Nothing changed.

     Eight years ago, I had come to know that all I needed was to whisper—to whisper to a brown-eyed-somebody's ear. I did not have to scream or be mad. All it took was a warm embrace and genuine love to heal the pain.

     I looped my arm around my father's as we began to made our way through the aisle. This was the perfect wedding I had always dreamed of having; white-themed on a private beach with lillies all around. The moms (mom, Kate, Rebecca, and Helena) took a really serious part of the decoration. I saw a smile on everybody's faces.

I think of you in everything that I do
To be with you, what ever it takes I'll do
Cause you, my love, you're all my heart desires
You've lighten up my life, forever I'm alive

     Ray winked at me when our eyes locked, I noticed that he was holding hands with Hailee. They had been together for a year. They managed to deal with the long distance since Hailee stayed in town for college whereas Ray was pursuing his soccer dream in Manchester, along with Jackson (who was still getting over a rough break-up).

Since I found you my world seems so brand new
You've show me the love I never knew
Your presence is what my whole life through

     Tristan was there with his wife and six months old son. He married Bethany a year after his college graduation. He graduated from college two years ago and working at his father's company right after.

Since I found you my life begin so new
Now who needs a dream when there is you
For all of my dreams came true
Since I found you

     Standing in next to Tristan was Nathan and his fiance, Sophia. Aiden and him had finally got along like real brothers.

Your love shines bright
Through all the corners of my heart
Maybe you are my dearest heart
I give you all I have my heart, my soul, my life
My destiny is you
Forever true
I'm so in love with you

     I smiled as I saw Alyssa. She was fourteen and a genius. She was even fluent in four languanges. Kate could not stop telling us how proud she was of her.

Since I found you my world seems so brand new
You've show me the love I never knew
Your presence is what my whole life through

     Charles married my mom a year after my graduation. She could not be more happier. Dad attended their wedding and he was okay with everything. Sometimes I would spend the night at his, Lisa was kind enough to share her bedroom before dad decided for me to have my own bedroom. And Helena never seemed to mind. I was welcomed anytime.

     They were the rainbows on my pitch black life. I would never wish anything more that what I had in front of me right now.

Since I found you my life begin so new
Now who needs a dream when there is you
For all of my dreams came true
Since I found you

     The moment I turned my heard to see forward and my eyes locked with Aiden, I swore I forgot how to breathe. He smiled and nodded. He never took his eyes off me and neither did I. What I saw in his eyes...was love.

My heart forever true
In love with you

     It was my one and only love story that taught me how to survive. When you feel like you are stuck in a room, with hundreds of frozen hands holding yours and hundreds more clamping your mouth. You feel like you could not move, could not speak, could not breathe. Just remember to keep trying, keep going, no matter how long it takes. The fight will always be worth it in the end.

     It took me more than ten years to reach the finish line.

     My life was now full of sunshines and everything bright. Everyone I cared about were happy. I finally settled down with Aiden and received the love every people should receive. I felt beyond loved.

     If I was to ask my eighteen year old self, where do I see myself in eight years? In my room, drowning in loneliness and coffee cup. Imagine if I gave up before I even tried my best. Imagine if I had given up on Aiden. I would never get the chance to be here. If eight years ago I had known I would be here, my eighteen year old self would have said, "Here."

     And here, is paradise.

     Life and love comes hand in hand. Love was very powerful. It contains everything you needed to breathe and to live. Love is worth more than thousands of gold. Love can guide you home when you are lost. It will always light the way.

     I found out the key to mend our broken soul is love, eight years ago before we both said, "I do."

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Song: Since I Found You - Christian Bautista

That is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I once shed a tear listening to it

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