20: Happy Birthday, Mickey

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Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

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"Dude, I'm so excited for the prank." I heard Ray said from behind me. "God, I'm so genius."

"Tell that to Jackson. He'd be excited as hell too." It was Tristan this time. I turned to face them who were sitting behind me in History.

"What prank?" I asked.

"Birthday parties and surprises are overrated, so we prank him every year on his birthdays instead. It's kind of our tradition." Ray grinned.

"By we and our, he meant him and Jackson who does that willingly, and me who do that by force." Tristan said.

"Oh, come on. It's just our way to show our love to him." Ray said that earned a scoff from Tristan. "Yeah, right."

"Who's birthday?" I asked.

"What, you don't know? It's Aiden's." Ray said.

"It's Aiden's birthday today?" I was shocked. I had never knew his birthday. Usually, the popular people in this school would throw a birthday party to celebrate their birthdays. Ray, Jackson, and even the quite Tristan did that too. But, Aiden had never done that. I didn't think anyone but his friends know his brithday.

"No. Tomorrow." Ray said. "Hey, do you want to join us, The Pranksters Squad?" I shook my head.

An idea appeared on my mind. He never had a birthday party before, it would be awesome if we surprise him with one. "I want to throw a birthday party for him. Can you guys help me?"

"He doesn't like birthday parties for himself. He hates the crowd." Tristan said.

"Well, we don't have to invite everyone, just you, Jackson, Alyssa, and me." I said.

"Who the fuck is Alyssa?" Ray asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

"She's a little friend of mine...and Aiden's."

"Well, maybe we should do it though, it's not like he has someone else to do it for him." Tristan said. But, what was that supposed to mean? "Thanks a lot, Luna, I've been wanting to get rid of their stupid pranks." Ray smacked the back of his head and rolled his eyes.

Tristan and Ray agreed to the plan. Ray had texted Jackson, he said he was down for it. Ray suggested that we could have the party on Aiden's backyard. He also said that his mom wouldn't mind. She would also be helping us with the food and cake, while the boys would be the one to take care of the properties such as balloons and everytning. I would be in charge of decorating the party, but, since that would be too easy and unfair, I would be helping in the kitchen as well.

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