8: The Cold Him and The Mean Girls

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u n d e r s p e h l l
Unexpectedly Bad
"This world's main characters are
you and me."

L   U   N   A

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L   U   N   A

     He had not spoke anything to me since the last time we met at the bench on the street and it had been two weeks since he showed up at school after missing for half a month. I tried to make a conversation with him, but he kept on ignoring me.


     I purposely dropped my pen during Biology and asked him to get it for me. He did. But, he just put my pen on the desk in front of me without saying anything. He did not even look at me in eyes, he kept on avoiding my gaze.


     "I like your shirt." I said but no response.

     "Have you done with the essay?" I asked and he nodded his head, still looking away. Well, at least, he was listening.

     "Are you sick?" he shook his head.


     On Biology, we were paired to do a project. He did really well of what he needs to do. But, he kept silence all the time. I tried to make a small conversation but he either shook or nodded his head.

     After P.E., I offerred him water but he shook his head and walked away.


     "Hey! I have the same cap! But, mine is white." I said while looking at his black ASSC cap. He did not respond, he just nodded his head while looking to the front of the class as if he was paying attention to the lesson.


     "Aiden, I was just wondering, do you have any problems with me? Did I do something wrong?" I asked and he shook his head.

     It was the next Monday today. I saw him at Biology and Music, he still had not spoke any words to me. I wondered what was wrong. This guy was sure full of mysteries.

Did I mention I love mysteries?

     We were talking nicely to each other a couple of weeks ago. He even let me touched his hand. I thought we were friends after that day. But, I guess he did not. We were not friends. What's with him and his change of attitude?

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